22 SEPTEMBER 1961, Page 15

SIR,—Vera Finch's letter describing how 'countless girls (unmarried mothers) return

to'the Society to say how grateful they are' is doubtless true. Countless girls also return to the Society for another reason— namely for their second, third, and subsequent con- finements.

Kindness, tolerance, and 'a mothers' and babies' home which is a joy' are splendid; but one dedicated welfare worker described to me the case of Margaret, who was made so welcome that she returned no fewer than five times to disembarrass herself of her illicit encumbrances.

I asked whether the patience of my friend and her colleagues did not become a little strained.

'Well, I did venture to suggest to Margaret, on her sixth appearance, that perhaps contraceptives might be a good idea if she intended to go on like this,' answered the lady mildly. 'She was quite upset. She said she'd only intended to have a cigarette with him, and what kind of a girl did I think she was?'

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