23 APRIL 1859, Page 9



There has been a considerable amount of animation and even excitement in the English Stock Market this week. The question of peace or war has been the chief topic, and rumours of a certain pacific termination of the present continental difficulties, are almost invariably followed up by reports equally authentic of insurmountable obstacles ; thus the Market hen been swayed for some time past by conflicting statements con- stantly being received. On Monday Consols were first quoted 941 95 for Account, and 93k 94/ for Money ; higher prices from Paris, and a growing disposition to believe that the Ministerial statements would be more favourable than had been generally expected, lead to in- creased firmness; and the market cloned with a strong tendency to improve- ment. On Tuesday morning, however, things wore a totally different as- pect. Consols were depressed to 941 buyers only ; the speech of Lord Derby being looked upon as strongly indicative of the near approach of war, and for some time there was a very general gloom. In the afternoon, a rally


occurred, owing to a statement in the Moniteur of that morning, to the effect that the chief cause of the present suspense was about to be removed. Consols improved nearly 1 per cent, and closed as at the day before. On Wednesday, there was again great excitement ; the hopes of peace being once more esta- blished upon the acceptance by Sardinia of the English and French propositions becoming known; Consols rose per cent, and were quoted 95195}. A reaction has taken place today of 1 per cent from the opening quotation of the morning, 951 951 to 94/ 95 ; this decline is attributable in a great measure to sales supposed to be in connexion with the new Indian loan of 7,000,0001., ten- ders for which have been accepted today amounting. to 5,069,0001. at 95, (the quotation for the Scrip after being } 1 prem. is now par to 1 prem.) reports also of fresh continental difficulties and the receipt of lower figures from Paris, caused the Market to assume a very heavy appearance at the close. The Government Brcker continues to purchase very largely on be- half of the Savings-banks and other accounts; the amount today was 22,0001. in Reduced ; Bank Stock leaves off 223 225 ; Exchequer Bills, 33s. 368. • New Three per Cents, 93.1 931. The tone of the Foreign Market is about the same es last week, and little or no difference will be noticed in the quotations of the various Stock.; the chief alteration has occurred in Venezuela Deferred, which has improved on the recent announcement the settlement of the debt, the rise has been nearly 1 per cent In 18k ; the Active remains the same. Money is abun- dant, at about 3 per cent. Grenada Active 19 20i Brazilian, 94191; Peruvian Four-and-a-half per Ceut, 88 90; 'Ditto Three per Cent,


Buenos Ayres Deferred, 181 19; Russian, 110 111; Austrian, 3 2 &Wallin r Turkish Six per Cent, 861 87; Ditto New Lots, 711177}.

The Railway Share Market has been wholly influenced by the condition of the market for Consols. The fluctuations have been to the extent

of per cent. Yesterday, upon the improvement in the Funds, Shares advanced g and I per cent. Business upon the whole, however, has not been extensive, and at the close today there seems little inclination on the part of speculators to operate either for a rise or Sill. Berwicks are now 89/ 901 ; Sheffield, 38 381; Great Northern, 100101; Caledonian, 79 80 ; Great Western, 57f 58 •, London and North-Western, 93t 94; London and South-Western, 90} 91 ; Midland, 101 101+; Lancashire and rods.- shire, 92i 93; North British, 551 56 ; Eastern Counties, 57+ 581.

The Foreign Share Market has shown great activity during the week, but business has been chiefly confined to Lombardo-Venethm Shares, a fluctua- tion of 1 per cent taking plane, and closing for the Old + f prem. and prem. ; for the New Northeni of France, 351, 36. The Stock Exchange will be closed on Saturday.