23 APRIL 1859, Page 20

At Boston in the United States there is a Mendelssohn

Quintet Club. They gave a concert a few weeks ago which did not include a note of Men- delssohn's music. Sure this club must be composed of Irishmen.

Piccolomini is still in the United States. She has quarrelled with Mr. Ullman the well known American entrepreneur ; and the little prima donna, who is now at New Orleans, is to continue her musical tour with most of the members of the opera company ; an agent, sent over by Mr. Lumley to look after his interests during Mademoiselle Piccolominf's en- gagement, managing the affairs of the concern.

Madame Alboni is singing in the French provinces with great success. Why is not this great artist at one of our houses this season ? It cannot be said that she is not wanted.

The Committee in Germany for the projected monument to Weber has published a report from which it appears that the sum already received- amounts to 6644 thalers. The Court of Berlin has given 2000, the Dresden Theatre 705, Madame Ney, (the great vocal tragedian who was here two or three seasons ago) 520, Madame de Bock (Schroeder Devrient) 354, and the Emperor of Austria the magnificent sum of 155 thalers. Several of our English musicians have been distinguishing themselves in Germany. Our young composer and pianist, John F. Barnett, has pro- dueed, at one of the celebrated Leipsic' Gewandhaus Concerts, a portion of an oratorio, which was received with the warmest applause by one of the most musical audiences in Europe. A- symphony by Mr. Lodge Ellerton, our eminent amateur, -whose admirable compositions have been repeatedly noticed in this journal, was performed last week by the 31 usikalische. Gesellschaft of Cologne, under the direction of Ferdinand Hiller, and made a great impression. Mr. Ellerton was loudly cheered at the conclusion of the piece both by the audience and the orchestra.