23 APRIL 1859, Page 4


The Dissnlution will take place to day and the writs will go out to

4ht. ._.Next week therefore we shall have some returns from the kng-

• - *roughs. At present there is much activity but little interest in eleCtion proceedings. All is provisional, but gradually approaching certainty and settlement. THE METROPOLIS.

A contest for the City of London seems imminent. Mr. Thomas Baring -has „frankly declined to stand, and no one takes liberties with his name. Lord Stanley, who is unwell; has given no answer to the requisition, but his friends have held a meeting and determined to pro- pose him at the hustings under any circumstances. Whether they will veto the poll remains to be seen. Mr. William Williams has recon- eddered his determination to retire. It appears that he felt he had lost ground in the borough, but a requisition has reassured him, and he now

• 4auds for Lambeth once more. It is not stated what Mr. Doulton will do. The rival candidates in Finsbury and Southwark are each hard at work. There is quiet in the other boroughs.


ABINGDON. It would have been singular indeed had this small borough deprived itself of the luxury of a contest. The Derbyites have sent down 'Mr. Godfrey Hudson to contend for the seat with the sitting Member, Mr. Norris. BANBURY. Mr. Alderman Allen, the Tory, erroneously stated to have quitted the field, still has two Liberals, Mr. Samuelson and Sir Charles Douglas, to contend with. BERWICK. Here the sitting Members, Mr. Stapleton and Mr. Majori- banks are opposed by Captain Gordon and Mr. Ralph Earle, private secre- tary to Mr. Disraeli. BEVERLEY. Mr. Digby Seymour has come forward as a Liberal candi- date. He has three Conservative opponents. BIRMINGHAM. Mr. Bright and Mr. Scholefield will have to go to the poll for their seats. Two other candidates have issued addresses—Mr. Tho- mas Dyke Acland a Liberal, who dates his conversion from the days of Peel ; and Mr. G. Bodington, also Liberal. These two count upon the votes of those electors of Birmingham, who do not love the principles of Mr. Bright. BLACKBURN. Mr. Pilkington has withdrawn. Mr. Hornby and Mr. J. P. Murrough, a high-coloured Radical are the Candidates. BRISTOL. After a brief period of dissension the Liberals here are again united in opposition to Mr. Slade, Tory. Mr. Berkeley and Mr. Langton are considered sure of success.

CALVE. Sir Fenwick Williams has retired. Was his retirement the consequence of the success of the Tory Mr. Huddleston at Kidderminster ? At all events the consequence of that event is the appearance of Mr. Ro- bert Lowe as a candidate for the suffrages of Lord Landsdowne's pocket bo- rough. CARLISLE. A great open air meeting was held in this city on Wednesday. Sir James Graham read to the meeting passages from the Queen's Speech, pointing out that they made no mention of Reform. The real question at issue, he said, was whether they would have Lord Derby without Reform to rule them, or whether they would have a large extension of the suffrage, and a redistribution of seats. He was not a convert to the ballot, but by returning his friend and relative, Mr. Lawson, they would confirm what he had stated to the House of Commons, that there was a strong desire for its adoption. Mr. Wilks proposed, and Dr. Evans seconded, a resolution thanking Sir James Graham for his independent conduct in Parliament, and strongly declaring the desire of the people of Carlisle for the ballot. The resolution was carried by an overwhelming majority. Mr. Lawson briefly addressed the assembly. Causreevoir BOROUGHS. The Liberal Conservative Mr. Bulkeley Hughes, threatened with a Liberal opponent, has declared for the ballot, and the Liberal opponent has disappeared. Mr. Hughes is opposed by the Tory Mr. Charles Wynne. CLrrHEROE. Mr. Hopwood, Tory, is opposed by another Tory, Mr. J. T. Aspinal. COCKERMOUTH. Lord Naas, Tory, Mr. Steel, Liberal, the sitting Mem- bers, and General G. Thompson, Liberal, are candidates. COVENTRY. A local solicitor, a Liberal, has come out of his office to contend for one of the two seats held by Mr. Ellice and Sir J. Paxton. DEVONPORT. The Government have sent down two candidates—Mr. Archibald Peel, son of General Peel, and Mr. Busfield Ferrand, who has torn himself away from the " peaceful comforts of private life " to enter on a public stage which he knows so well how to make stormy and unpleasant. Sir Erskine Perry and Mr. J. Wilson are on the alert, prepared for a sharp battle.

DURHAM (South). The appearance of Mr. Farrar as Tory candidate has caused great excitement. Meetings have been held all over the divi- sion. The Liberals will have to be steady and prompt to carry their men Lord HarryVane and Mr. Pease.

ESSEX (North). Colonel Ruggles Brise, put up , by the malcontent Tories, has withdrawn at the eleventh hour, and " W. B.' and Mr. Ducane have a clear field before them.

ESSEX (South). A meeting of the supporters of Mr. Wingfield Baker has been held at Barking, Mr. Scully in the chair. Mr. Baker said that

there was one point to which he must draw attention of the electors, and that was with regard to the charge that had been made about Mr. Perry Watlington. He held in his hand two handbills issued by his opponents, in which he was made to say—"I publicly disclaim participation in the charge of Tractarianism." Now he never said anything of the sort, what he did say was this : such of the .charges as he denies on the word of a gentleman, we as gentlemen are bound to accept his denial of, but that he abstained from expressing any satisfaction or dissatisfaction as to his answers. Also that the electors were justified in making the strictest inquiry, and obtaining the clearest answers, and it was a question entirely for them, whether they considered those questions to have been fairly answered. The following resolution was then carried unanimously- " That Mr. Baker, our old and tried friend, and present Liberal member, is well deserving of our warmest thanks for his past services in the cause of civil and religious liberty, and is now the most Ht and proper person to represent the Liberal interests of South Essex in the ensuing Parliament, and this meeting pledges itself to use its best exertions to secure his reelection by plumping."

HAVERFORDWEST will be contested by the Liberals: their man is Mr. William Rees. His opponent is the Tory Mr. Philips. HELSTON. Mr. Truman, Liberal, is opposed by Mr. Rogers, Tory. KNARESBOROUGIL Mr:Thompson, a railway notable, and a Liberal, opposes the Tories. Mr. Collins and Mr. Woodd. LANCASHIRE (South). The second Tory candidate has appeared—Mr. W. J. Legh of Golborne Park. LEICESTER. Mr. Biggs and Dr. Noble are the chosen of the Liberals. Mr. Harris is still a Liberal candidate. Under these distracted circum- stances a Tory is expected to show. LICHFIELD. Lord Sandon has retired. The Honourable Captain Anson, just returned from India, is to be his successor. LINCOLN. Major Sibthor, Tory, and Mr. Heneage, Liberal, and Mr. Palmer, " advanced Liberal, are candidates.

MALDON. The Tories have found a second candidate in Lieutenant- Colonel Meyrick, a guardsman.

MANCHESTER. The Bright party have determined on a contest. The candidate they have selected is Mr. Abel Heywood. The seat aimed at is of course that of Mr. Aspinal Turner. NORWICH, which seemed for once to have lost the luxury of a contest, is now to have one. Electioneering is in full activity. The Tories have put up Sir S. Bignold, their former representative, and Mr. C. M. Lushington. The Liberals, Lord Bury and Mr. Schneider, are united and strong. NORFOLK (East.) Mr. Burroughes has again withdrawn. It is probable that Colonel Coke, Liberal, and Mr. Howes, Tory, will be returned.

Norman/ as. The Tories have found a candidate in Mr. T. Bromley, so that there will be a contest. This increases the small chances of Mr. Er- nest Jones.

NORTHUMBERLAND (North.) Lord Ossulton, about to be made a Peer, retires. Sir Matthew Ridley has offered himself as a Tory. OLDHAM. Mr. Cobbett, having voted against Lord John Russell's reso- lution is to be ousted, if possible. His opponent is Mr. Hibbert, Liberal. Mr. Fox will probably be returned. REIGATE. Mr. Torrens M'Cullagli has come forward to oppose Mr Monson. Sr. Ives. The Tory Member for this borough, Mr. Paull, is to be op- posed by a Liberal, Mr. Geisler. STAFFORD. Mr. Alderman Sidney is one of the candidates. In his ad- dress he says-

" I am for placing the representation of the people on a sound constitu- tional basis, and my views on the new Magna Charta are to extend to every householder paying his rates and taxes, and who has been in occupancy for twelve months and a day, the full rights of citizenship." Sronz-neon-TRENT. Alderman Copeland, who had retired, having been strongly solicited to reverse his decision, has again come forward.

SUFFOLK. In the Western division of this county Captain Bennet has retired,- making way for Major Parkes. In the Eastern division Colonel Adair, Liberal, is a candidate, in opposition to Lord Henniker and Sir Fitz- roy Kelly.

SnirDERLAND. Driven from Tynemonth by the shipowners, Mr. Lind- say has gone to Sunderland. He aims at the seat held by Mr. George Hud- son. Tauten:ix. Here will be a severe contest. The Tories have a second can- didate in the field, Mr. George Cavendish Bentinck ; and the Ballot men have put up Mr. Beadon, a citizen of Taunton, to oppose Mr. Labouchere. Mr. A. Mills is the other Tory candidate.

TIVERTON. Mr. Heathcoat has retired, and the Honourable George Denman has supplied his place, It is probable that, "Palmerston and Den- man " will not be opposed. TRURO. Two Liberals, Mr. A. Smith and Captain Vivian, and two Tories, Mr. M. Smith and Mr. J. H. Murchison, of Surbiton, Surrey, are candidates.

Yonnsnirce (West). The Liberal candidates, Mr. F. Crossley and Sir John Ramsden, have been making the most of their time, and have attended meetings in the great centres of population—Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, and other places. Mr. Stuart Wortley, the Liberal Conservative candidate, has addressed his supporters at Wakefield and elsewhere. At Wakefield, Mr. Wortley said-

" What is the great question before you ? (A Voice, "Reform!") It is Reform. But it is not Reform or no Reform ; and the man who so repre- sents it to the electors of this Riding degrades himself by trying to deceive others. The question is between Birmingham Reform and real Reform. The question is between Birmingham coin and real coin."

He condemned the coalition in the Riding of Whigs and Radicals, and said he joined Lord Palmerston's Government in 1857, because it was the only possible and the moat conservative Government that could be formed.

Wives (North). In his address, Mr. Sotheron Estcourt thus states the issue-

" Which party shall rule at the helm of the State ? This is substantially the issue submitted to every constituency. It concerns every interest ; it affects every part of our domestic administration; touches the honour and character of our relations with foreign countries; regulates our course of le tion and our national progress.' Wouvzasexrxoa. Mr. Charles Villiers and Sir Richard Bothell have addressed the electors. Sir Richard has made great way in their good graces by the frank statement of his liberal principles. In the course of a very able speech he said-

" I am prepared to maintain that there are thousands, through the pro- gress of education, the progress in intelligence, and the improvement in ma- terial prosperity—that there are thousands of the working-classes who are now as much entitled to your favour as was the 101. householder in 1832. Then; we are about to admit them, acting upon the principle established in the Bill of 1832, which was a most benignant, a most patriotic, a most wise, and prudent measure. I do not see in that Bill any Whig jobbery,' which the Chancellor of the Exchequer almost impiously attributed to it. I see in it the great and valuable materials of which the people of England are made —materials which, as they become more developed, the more they show with what the English people may be intrusted. In that spirit I think you will agree with me that the time is come for an extension of the franchise. At the same time, the meeting will agree with me in feeling that at present the extension cannot be made to reach the point to which, in a short period of time I know it will come. I know that in a few years political freedom will be given to every householder in the land. But I know that to attempt to attain this at the present time would be only to throw back the current of reform. We should excite those prejudices and provoke that opposition if we now attempted to ask too much, that would lead to our being deprived of that portion to which we are entitled, and which by modesty and by moderation in our demands we shall be sure to gain." (Cheers.)


ArRunfz. Mr. Bailey of Rookwood, opposes the return of Mr. John Ennis.

CAMMICK.FEROUS. Mr. Dobbs having been made a Judge ; Mr. Robert Torrens, nephew of Judge Torrens is a candidate. CASHEL. Mr. Hughes, ex-Solicitor-General, Mr. Hemphill, and Mr. Vin- cent Scully are candidates here. CLARE (County.) Colonel Vandeleur fights the Tory battle in this eonnty.

Conn (County.) Mr. Tristram Kennedy, Mr. Vincent Scully, and Ser- geant Deasy are candidates.

DUBLIN. The Liberals have found one candidate, Mr. Brady, who is "will- ing again to lead the forlorn hope," and try to gain one seat for his party. ENNISKILLEN. Mr. Paul Dane and Mr. Cole, both "True Blues of the 1888 brand," are opposing candidates. Mr. Cole beat Mr. Dane at the last election.

GALWAY. In the county the Tories have put up Lord Dunlo son of Lord Clancarty. In the borough Colonel French is the opponent of Mr. Lever and Lord Dunkellin.

LIMERICK. The election in the city is remarkable for the prohibition issued to the Roman Catholic priests by their superiors warning against in- terference.

Morreoitan (County.) Three Tories, Mr. Leslie, Sir George Forster, the sitting members, and Mr. French are to contest this county.

PORTARLINGTON. Mr. Coote opposes Mr. Dawson Darner. There are oily ninety-five electors. QUEEN'S COUNTY. The Tories are going to start Colonel Dunne. The Liberals Mr. Cantwell and Mr. Michael Dunne.

ROSCOMMON (County.) Mr. Oliver Grace has retired. Mr. Tennison, Liberal, is a candidate.

Slaw (County.) Mr. Cooper of Markroe retires ; Mr. Charles Cooper of Cooper's Hill is put forward with Sir Robert Booth. SLIGo (City). Mr. Treston, Liberal, comes forward. Mr. Somers and Mr. Wynne are his opponents.

TRALEE, Mr. Daniel O'Connel is opposed by a Tory Mr. Lane. Wareneonn (City). New candidates, Sir W. Barron and Mr. John Ball. WEXFORD (County). Mr. George, Solicitor-General, tries for a seat

here. He opposes Mr. Hatchall, Liberal. Mr. M'Mahon is the other can- didate.


It does not appear at present that there will be many contests in Soot- land. Fife county will be contested by Mr. Wemyss, Liberal, and Lord Loughborough, Tory. Kircaldy Burghs are wooed by Mr. William Vernon Harcourt, a soi-disant Liberal, of Tory connexions. His oppo- neat is Colonel Ferguson. At Leith, Mr. Made and Mr. Miller fight for the seat given up by Mr. Moncrieff. In St. Andrews, Major Lloyd Lindsay seeks to unseat Mr. Ellice. Captain Walker is to try and oust Mr. Ewart at Dumfries. Lord John Hay retires from the representation of the Wick Burghs, and Mr. Samuel Laing is once more a candidate. Foreseeing the probable consequences of the West Riding election, Mr. Stuart Wortley reserves Buteahire as a place of refuge in case of dehat.

The sitting Members for Glasgow met their constituents on Thursday and explained their conduct and views. Mr. Buchanan has been in- duced to offer himself again. It is said that neither Mr. Buchanan nor Mr. Dalglish will be opposed.