23 APRIL 1937, Page 30


By William Joseph Snelling

This is a reprint (University of Minnesota Press : Milford., 16s.) of one of the earliest collections of American short stories and of one of the first realist accounts of the Indians of the prairies. Snelling was a literary and a geographical pioneer, but it must be confessed that his interest for us today is almost purely historical. Neither in mere style nor in narrative force is he a master craftsman, but he is well worth reprinting for his contribution to the development of an important American literary genre and for the light he casts on early settlement on the upper Mississippi. Mr. John T. Flanagan contributes an introduction.

The pamphlet Italian Military Secrets, by Professor H. Stanley Jevons, reviewed by Major Athill in last week's Spectator, is obtainable from the Abyssinia Asso- ciation, 144 Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, W.C. 2.