23 AUGUST 1851, Page 15

The Paris correspondent of the .Daily News writes—" The -contents

of a luggage-train which arrived last week at the terminus of the Orleans Rail,- way, are destined 'to mark an epoch in the history of the _French navy, and to afford the inhabitants of this inland city a spectacle of exciting novelty. Forty ship-carpenters, from the dockyard of M. 33audsit, shipbuilder, at Paim- bceuf, were the escort of 1288 pieces of oak, ready fashioned, for the non- struction of a. 1000 ton frigate, which is forthwith to be built and stationed on the Seine, at Neuilly. It is to be a model ship, for the use of the naval school recently established there, and is intended to exhibit every modern improvement. The.masts and rigging peering above the green woods of Neuilly, and visible -through the openings in the Bois de Boulogne, will form new feature in the landscape scenery of the environs of Paris.'