23 AUGUST 1851, Page 21

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE, Tuesday, August 19.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED.-Abernethie and Hollingtons, Hackney Downs, market-gardeners ; as far as regards J. Abernethie-Abernethic and Hollington, Bromley, Middlesex, market-gardeners-Morris and Co. Liverpool, grocers- Stockman and Grehan, Peckham, builders-Gamble and Co. Birkenhead and Liver- pool, drapers; as far as regards T. H. Scragg-Haines and Sherrin, proprietors of the model of the Battle of Trafalgar-Needham and Dillon, Manchester, pattern- card-makers-The Penzance Serpentine and Marble Company, Madron, Cornwall ; as far as regards J. M. Bromley-Welfare and Tapp, Hastings, smiths-Saint and Co. Isle of Man, drapers-Tinsley and Co. Leeds, French wove-corset-manufacturers- Hayman and Holden, Taunton, wine-merchants-Chalk and Co. Chelmsford, news- paper publishers ; as far as regards T. Chalk-S. and T. Blackburn, Liverpool ,cotton- brokers-Hatton and Co. Regent Circus, silk-mercers-Hood and French, Norwich, steam-sawyers-Smith and Rymer, York, chicory-growers-Beet and Martin, Ash- ford, Kent, surgeons-Nerwich and Aaron, Birmingham, pawnbrokers -Penne- father and Stock; London, merchants-Peter and Co. Kirkland Works, Fifeshire ; as far as regards .1. Peter jun. BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED.-THomAs Bnowir, Sunderland, shipowner. BAxerrerre.-FERDERICE. BaisnAm, Hounslow, grocer, to surrender Aug. 2S, Oct. 3: solieitors, Church and Son, Bedford Row ; official assignee, Cannan, Birchin Lane-dons BARKER, Exmouth Street, cheesemonger. Sept. 5, Oct. 3: solicitor, Murray, London Street ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-WILLIAM SMITH, Princes Street, Leicester Square, engineer, Sept. 2, Oct. 7: solicitor. Helmer, Bridge Street, Southwark ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-BENJAMIN lasosey, Market Deeping, draper, Aug. 29, Sept. 26: solicitors, Jones, Sise Lane; Motteram and Co. Birmingham ; official assignee, Bittleston, Nottingham- Anor.rnes KRAUSS, Manchester, share-broker, Sept. 2, 23 : solicitor, Bennett, Man- chester; official assignee, Pott, Manchester. DIVIDENDS,-Sept. 12, Parker, Nottingham, commission-agent-Sept. 16, Devey, Waburn, auctioneer. CERTIFICATE.-To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting.-Sept.'13, Courthope, Paradise Row, Rotherhithe, coal-merchant. Scorer: SEMUESTRATIONS.-Crichton, Edinburgh, wright, Aug. 22. Sept. 19-Gouk, Laureneekirk, vintner, Aug. 23, Sept. 13-Wilson, harkoswald, Ayrshire, farmer, Aug. 22, Sept. 12.

Friday, August 22, PARTNERSHIPS DissoLvsaa.-Brown and Co. Liverpool ; as far as regards J. Ship- ley-Browns and Bowen, Philadelphia•' Brown and Co. New York; and Nicholson and Co. New Orleans; as far as regards J. Shipley-Baldwin and Co. Manchester, oil-merchants-Moore and Son, Birchin Lane, tailors-Batley and Co. Barbican, oil- merchants-Wilson and Co. Skipton, Yorkshire, drapers-Holmes and Asbury, Sud- bury, Derbyshire, nurserymen-Eld and Barnes, Liverpool, brewers-Pain and Ha- therley, Great Marlborough Street. attornies-Atkin son and Co. New Bond Street, silk-mercers; as far as regards T. Byere-Munton and Son, Manchester, corn- brokers -Boothroyd and Amys, Wakefield, nurserymen-Titt and Co. Islington, French portable-jelly-makers-Pegg and Co. Aston-upon-Trent, plaster-getters; as far as regards M. Murphy-Bruce and Co. Glasgow, sewed-muslin-manufacturers. BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED.-RICHARD MAYOR, Bolton-le-Moors, grocer. BANKRUPTS.-RALEY MIDDLEWOOD and ALLEN FOSTER, Leeds, linen-drapers, to surrender Sept. 4, Oct. 10: solicitor, Parker, St. Paul's Churchyard ; official assig- nee, Cannan, Birchin Lane-WALTER Pnesse, Covent Garden Market, victualler, Sept. 4, Oct. 10: solicitors, Taylor and Collisson, Great James Street, Bedford Row ; offieial assignee, Cannan, Birchin Lane-Wm:tam BENNIS°, Fleet Street, book- seller, Sept. 4, Oct. 16: solicitor, Milne, Temple ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basingholl Street -Josern CRAWFORD, Chalk Farm, tavern-keeper, Aug. 30, Oct. 4 :

solicitor, Wetherfield, Gresham Street ; official assign re Pennell, Guildhall Cham-

bers, Baeinghall Street-EDWATID Diexismox, Wolverhampton, corn-merchant, September 2, 30: solicitor, Hayes, Wolverhampton ; official assignee, Valpy, Bir- rningham-liairav WILLIAM DERRY, Wolverhampton, builder, September 2, 30: solieitor, Hayes, .Wolverhampton ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham- Joirx DICKENSON, Walsall, Sept. 1, 22: solicitor, Wilkinson jun. Walsall; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham-CnAaLes VEASEY WII.LS, Exeter, dealer in lamps, Sept. 4. Oct. 2 : solicitors, Head and Venn, Exeter; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter- Jou:: Nitor„ Hull, broker, Sept. 3, Oct. 1: solicitors, Shackles and Snn, Hull; Dodge, Liverpool; official assignee, Carrick, Hull-TnomAs Hanscom, Wi.eelock, grocer, Sept. 1, Oct. 2: solicitors, Skerratt and Remer, Sandbach ; Yates jun. Liverpool; offi- ei3i as4glace, Turner, Liverpool-JAMES WILDE, Salford, builder, Sept. 5, 23: solicitor, Bearden, Manchester; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester-WILLIAM Honosow, Lancaster. watch-maker, Sept. 2, 23: solicitor, Robinson, Lancaster ; official assig- nee, Fraser, Manchester. Divinexns.-Sept. 19, Barret and Bland, Huntingdon, builders-Sept. 18, Noakes, he Ormond Street, builders-Sept. 19, Matte, Edgewarc Road, ironmonger-Sept. Z. Cassaigne, Salisbury Street, Strand, wine-merchant. CF.KTIFIOATES.- To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting.-Sept. 13, Murray, Sheerness, builder-Sept. 12, Sparrow, Aldgate High Street, grocer-Sept. 19, Taylor, Deptford, shipwright- Sept. 26, Edwards, Sudbury, Suffolk, linen-draper-Sept. 18, Slum, Studley Road, Clapham Road, builder-Sept. 19, Harm and Bland, Huntingdon, builders-Sept. 18, Mannina..,. Union Place, New Ito:d, statuary-Sept. 18, Minor, MoUnt Street, Westminster Road, linen-draper- sear. 25, Smith. Portsea, ironmonger-Sept. 26, Page, Great Yarmouth, grocer- Sept. 20, Cassaigne, SalisbUry Street, Strand, wine-merchant-Sept. 19, Matte, Edge- ware Road, ironmonger- Sept. 24, Herbert, Bristol, grocer-Sept. 18, Croom, Man- e. tackle, Gloucestershire, butcher-Sept. 16, Bond, Bath, tanner-Sept. 16, Glazier, B. istol, grocer-Sept. 17. Clark, Exeter, builder-Sept. 16, J. and T. Hoyle, Salford, cotton-manufacturers-Sept. 18, Monkman, Oldham, cotton-spinner.