23 AUGUST 1851, Page 21


ADMIRALTY, Aug. 15.-With reference to the plan of naval retirement which ap- peared in the London Gazette of the 27th June 1851, and to the promotion of officers which appeared in the London Gazette of the 1st inst. the undermentioned Com- mander in the Royal Navy has been this day promoted to the rank of Captain, and placed on the reserved half-pay list of the Royal Navy, viz. W. E. H. Allen, Esq.

ADMIRALTY, Aug. 21.-Admiral of the Blue G. WKinley, Esq. has been appointed to receive a pension of 1501. a year, as provided for by her Majesty's Order in Coun- cil of the 25th June 1851, vacant by the decease, on the 16th Aug. of Admiral Sir H. Heatheote, Knt. and his name has been removed to the Reserved Half-pay List ac- cordingly. And in consequence of the above-mentioned removal of Admiral DPKin- ley to the Reserved Half-pay List, the following promotions have taken place, dated 17th Aug.-Vice-Admiral of the Red Sir R. H. Bromley, Bart. to be Admiral of the Blue; Vice-Admiral of the White R. Thomas, Esq. to be Vice-Admiral of the Red ; Vice-Admiral of the Blue Sir T. J. Cochrane, K.C.B. to be Vice-Admiral of the White; Rear-Admiral of the Red Sir W. A. Montagu, C.B. K.C.H. to be Vice-Ad- miral of the Blue; Rear-Admiral of the White H. Prescott, Esq. C.B. to be Rear- Admiral of the Red ; Rear-Admiral of the Blue W. B. Mends, Esq. to be Rear-Ad- miral of the White; Capt. Lord John Hay, C.E. to be Rear-Admiral of the Blue. The following Capt. on the Retired List has been promoted to be Rear-Admiral on the terms proposed in the London Gazette of 1st Sept. 1846, but without increase of pay-Capt. G. Brine.