23 AUGUST 1890, Page 24

Publications of the Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union, 1889: (Palace

Chambers, Westminster.)—These leaflets contain, as usual, some curious matter. Probably every subject touched on in them has been more or less fully discussed in the Spectator; but the impression made by the whole is certainly somewhat startling.

There are two divisions of the subject,—what the Nationalists want, and the means by which they seek to effect it. Here is a sample of each, which have nothing special about them, for they might be matched with many more things in the volume, but may be conveniently chosen as coming on two pages that fees each other. Mr. John Redmond, M.P., speaking on April 23rd, 1889. claimed for Ireland all that Wolfe Tone and Emmett had aimed at :—" The sons of Ireland, and they alone, have the right to rule the destinies of Ireland. More than that no Irish rebel leader in the past asked, and less than that no Irish leader of the present day can and ought to accept." What about the "supremacy of the Imperial Parliament," which, four months before, Mr. Glad- stone, speaking at Limehouse, affirmed the Nationalist leaders to have accepted ? Now about the means. Mr. Timothy M. Healy, ridiculing the claim of 41,000 for the injuries done to a policeman, told his hearers at Mitchelstown that if the man had been killed, It would "have cost the ratepayers nothing at all." Surely this is very indiscreet talk !