23 DECEMBER 1843, Page 18


Tuesday, Etee. 19.


H. and W. Eversfield, Gravesend, sail-makers—Robinson and Co. Norwich, drapers —Capel and Co. Pope's Head Alley, stockbrokers—Gurney and Askham, St James's Street— Goodbraud and Co. Little Bolton, cutton-spinners —J. and S. Walker, Lapley. Staffordshire, machine-makers—Irving and Co.—Biddulph sod Co. Llanelly, Carmar- thenshire, timber-merchants —Holroyd and Co. Wakefield, twine-manufacturers—R. and T. Strange, Swindon, Wiltshire. coal-merchauts— Cox andlSous. Worcester, glove- manufacturers—Flemiug and Co. Manchester, grocers—Ricketts and Co. Bristol, flint glass-manufacturers; as far as regards .1. Clunuing—Bryant and Son, Balsham, Cam' bridgeshire, farmers—Hutchinsons and Williamson, Liverpool. provision-merchants.


Pinder. Kirkburtou, clothier — Trehearn, Alfrick, Worcestershire. farmer—Freeman, Liverpool. out of business—Jones, Bristol, servant—Gregory. Liverpool. butcher— Brown. Leeds, butcher —Belbeu. Sturminster. Dorsetshi re. cattle-dealer— Barrett, Fair' ford, Gloucestershire. out of business—Lamping, Tavistock, plumber —Hubberstet. Blackburn, book-agent—Cooper, Walcot Place, Lambeth. author--Chew, Biackburn, cotton-spinner—Davenport, Blackburn, bookkeeper—Light, Cling, Hampshire, out of business—Ruble, South Milford, bo.arnaker—Martiu, Richmond. Surrey, corn dealer —Ramscar. Stockport, cautite-wick-mauufacturer —Leigh, Manchester. laud-agent- Parr, lnkberrow, Worcestershire, farmer—Shutt, Birmingham, clerk—Nicholls. Bridge Road, Lambeth. clerk—Etievant, Princes Street, Stamford Street, professor of French —Smith, St. Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, draper —Briukworth, Chappenham. baker.


BARRY, F., Rve, miller, to surrender Jan. 2, 30: solicitors, Messrs. M•Leod and Meaning, London Street, Fenchurch Street; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard.

Bounce, JAMES EIMER. Lower Shadwell, merchant, Jan. 3, 31: solicitor. Mr. Bu- chanan. Basinghall Street • official assignee. Mr. Johnson, Basingliall Street. Crasuerosr. RICHARD. Street: Street. furrier, Dec. 29. ia 1 I. 26: solicitors, Messrs. Wood and Wickham, Corbel Court, Gracechurch Street; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard.

FLINT, JAMES. Lewes, linendraper, Jan. 5, 31: solicitors, Messrs. Sole and Co. Al- dermaubury : official assignee, Mr. Lackingtou, Coleman Street Buildings. NEFFER, ROBERT. St. Ives. Huutingdonshire. draper. Jan. 18, Feb. 2: solicitor,. Messrs. Reed suit Co. Friday Street; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane. PEARSON. JOSEPH, Darlaslon. Staffordshire, cut.nail-manufacturer, Jan. 3. 24: soli- citors. Mr. Harrison, Birmingham; Mr. Woodward, Wednesbury; official assignee, Mr. Bittleston. Birmingham.

There, THOMAS and TH014,18 PIERSON. Southwark. tallow chandlers. Jan. 12, Feb. 2: solicitor. Mr. Holnier, Bridge Street, Southwark; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Fre- derick's Place, Old Jewry. DIVIDENDS. Jan. 16. Austell. Weimer, Kent; grocer-Jau. 8. Norton and Jackson, Cateaton Street, warehousemen-Jan. 11, Leslie and Smith. St. Dunstau's Hill, merchants-Jan. 11. Tapp, Wigmore Street, coschmaker-Jau. 9, Winning, Dover Street, Piccadilly, up- holaterer-Jau. 11, Phillips, Brook Street, Hanover Square. carpet warehouseman- Jan. 11, Atkins. Shoreditch, tobacconist - Jan. 11, Blanks, Roehford, Essex, draper - Jan. 11. Smith. Heston Old Town. linendraper -Jan. 11. Ivory, Meppershall, Bed- fordshire, farmer-Jan. 11, Couden, Milton Street. Dorset Square, builder-Jan. 9, FLand H. Fletcher, Eastington. Gloucestershire. clothiers-Jan. 9, Bounor, Bermondsey Wall, rag-merchant-Jan. 12. Watson. York. silk-mercer-Jan. 12, Sowerby. Liver- pool, provision-dealer-Jan. 23, Woodward, Liverpool, merchant -Jan. 16, Fell. Li- a erpool, merchant-Jan. 15. Buxton. Manchester, builder-Jan. 15. Jameson. North Shields. liuendraper-Jan. 17, Ward, Do-sizes, house decorator-Jan. 17, Perkins, St. Welles, Monmouthshire, ship-builder.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Jan. 9, Frazer. Little Tower Street. shipowner-Jan. 9, Prior, Bedford. statuary- Jan. 11, Ivory, Meppershall. Bedfordshire. farmer-Jam 10. Lewes, Southampton, tailor-Jan. 15, Waters. Christchurch, Monmouthshire, cattle-salesman-Jan. 12, Bumby, Mahon. Yorkshire. hatter-Jan. 24, Ron, Leicester, hosier-Jan. 16, Hilton, Over Daraen, Lancashire, paper-maker.

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary. on or before Jan. 9.

Wilson, Wigton, Cumberland, draper-Kimpton, High Street. Newiugton, drat e:- Gould. Liverpool, merchant-Ricluncud, Manchester, yarnagent-Threarlguld, 'Fins'

bury Circus, builder. DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.

George, Bread Street. silk-manufacturer ; first div. of 2s. ld. on Dec. 20, or any sub- sequent Wednesday ; Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry-R. and J. Caldecott. Manchester, drapers; div. of 4s. on Dec. 26, or any subsequent Tuesday; Mr. Fraser, Mauchester -Iusoll, Brighton, coachmaker•, second dia. of 2s. 10d. and 4s. 6d. on new proofs. on Dec. 20, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry-Shaw. Newgate Market, cheesemonger ; first div. of Is. 4d. on Dec. 20. or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry-Sticklauti and Co. Newgate Market, cheesemongers; second div. of 6Id. and 2s. 61d. on new proofs. on Dec.20. or any subsequent Wednesday; Mr. Edwards. Old Jewry-Cooper, Drury Lane, 'confounder; first thy. of 2s. ed. on Dec. 20, or any subsequent Wednesday; Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry-Hazard and Bingham; first div. of 3s. any day on and alter Dec. 26; Mr. Young. Lewis -Tomlinsoa, Winter- ton, Lincolnshire, coal merchant ; div. of Is. 3d. any day on and after Dec. 26; Mr. Young, Leeds.


Oon.viz, A.. Dundee, merchant, Dec. 22, Jan. 12.

Storm C., Dundee, merchant, Dec. 26. Jan. 16.

Friday, Dec. 22.


Drury rind Raywood. Sheffield. whitesmiths- Heron and Speck, Kingston-upon-Hull. grocers-Garstaug and Co. Mauchester, carriers - T. and C. Martin. Rumford, plumbers. G. and W. Downing, Walnut tree Walk, nudertakers-Armande and Co. Liverpool, menffiants-Kirby and Box. Buckingham, drapers-Jackson and Pearson. Sheffield, surgeons-R. C. and C. J. Baker, Leather Lane, linendrapers-Baxendell and Son. Manchester, landagents-Phipps eat' Sun, Elthem; linendrapers -Molledy and Castle. Rugby,hatters-Gandolfi and Co. Throgmortou Street, merchants-Taylor and Woods, Lancaster, boohnakers.


Sugden. Calverley. clothier-Midgley, Barnsley, tailor-Tempest. Kilnwick, York- shire, joiner-Scott, Woodhouse. Yorkshire, farmer-Gamble, Manchester, omnibus- driver-Watkins, Cumberland Mews North, Bryanstone Square. hackneyman-Lewis, Mauchester, butcher - Brown, Exeter, out of business-Boardman, otherwise Motley. Mottram in Longdendale. Cheshire, bookkeeper- Laycock. Whalley, Lancashire, weaver-Woolmau. Little Clacton. Essex, farmer - Dolan, Liverpool, victualler-Har- rison. East Street, Walworth, coffeeshupkeeper -Ey ears. Hounslow, saddler-Rogue. Robert Street. Chelsea. teacher-Lampin, Newark upon Trent, commercial traveller -Giles. Cheltenham, baker-Spence, Page Street, Westminster, paviour-Venables, Gower Mews, liedlord Square-Showsmith, Ilkey, Yorkshire. shoemaker-Honocks. Bolton, tea dealer-Barrow, Thorne. Yorkshire. farrier-Buruett, Shauton. Durham, clerk-Dounithurne, Tregoney. out of emploYment - Jameson, Great Muryleboue Street, chiropodist-Cromwell, Bradford. dour dealer.


BALLARD, JOEIN, Maidstone, brazier, to surrender Jan. 2, 23: solicitors. Hicks and Co. Bartlett's Buildings ; Mr Case, Maidstone; official assignee, Mr. Green, Alder. manbury. CARPENTER, Wir.i.ram, Southampton, stationer, Jan. 6. Fob, 2: solicitor, Mr. Par- kes, Sr. Paul's Church Yard ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. FlLoas,oy. MICHAEL. Walsall, chemist, Jan. 5, 30 : solicitors. Messrs. Price and Co. Wolverhampton ; official assignee. Mr. Christie, Birmingham. 'amasses, JOHN, Birmingham, spirit-merchant. Jau. 3, Feb. 3: solicitors, Mr. Knight, Worcester; Mr. Harrison, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham. MUNN. EDWARD, Stanhope Terrace. Hyde Park, corn-chandler, Jan. 6,30 solicitor, Mr. Tatham, Throgmortou Street ; official assignee. Mr. Groom3Abchurch Lane.

Werner, Jona. Liverpool, surgeon, Jan. 10, 31: solicitors, al essrs. Vincent and Co. Temple ; Birket and Foster, Liverpool ; official assignee. Mr. Bird, Liverpool.


Jan. 12, Walsh, Reading, watchmaker-Jan. 12, Marriage, Moulsham. Essex, miller -Jan. 12, Wood, Fleet Street, bookseller-Jan. 12, Henson, Bury Court, St. Mary Axe, upholsterer-Jan. 12, J. and R. Dews, Oxford. booksellers-Jan. 12, l'earcy, St. John Street, leather-seller-Jan. 12, T. and W. Styan. Great Tower Street, tea-brokers -Jan. 23, Long, Beauford Place, Chelsea, coal-merchant -Jan. 9, Hobhouse and Co. Bath, bankers -Jan. 23, Townley. Liverpool, sharebroker-Jan. 20, Warren, Liver- pool, druggist-Jan. 20, Jones. Liverpool, draper-Jan. 23, Berry, Rugby. grocer- Jan. 30, Dale Hall, Staffordshire, earthenware-manufacturer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Jan. 23, Nutter, Cambridge, brewer-Jan. 19, Sutton. Scarborough, master-mariner -Jan. 17, Barandon, Philpot Lane, merchant-Jan. 10, Wagstaff. Leighton Buzzard, apothecary-Jan. 13, Lloyd. Liverpool, wine-merchant--Jan. 16. Brown suit Co. Liverpool, slaters-Jan. 15, Slade, Bridport, bootmaker -Jan. 19, Crowther, Warring- ton, stationer-Jan. 18, Luckman, Douglas, lineudvaper. 7o be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Jan. 12.

Reynolds, Merton, silk.printer-Espivent, Coleman Street Buildiugs, merchant- Lewis, Shendeld, Essex, farmer-Dorral. Ironbridge. Shropshire, tailor-Ellis, Nor. wich, draper - Morgan, Llangattock, Breconshire, grocer-Carr, Monkwearmouth Shore, shipbuilder- Harriss, Leicester Square. carpet-warehouseman-Sell, Union Street, Southwark, baker- L. and W. Fenner. Fenchurch Street, merchants.


Drinknater, Salford, woollen cord-manufacturer: first div. of 2s, 61. on Jan. 2, and every following Tuesday; Mr. Pot'. Manchester-James, Pontfaen, Montgomeryshire, flannel-draper ; first div. of 611. on Jan. 4, or any subsequent Thursday; Mr. Cane- nova, Liverpool-Eskrigge, Warrington, cotton-manufacturer; first div. of Is. 61. on Jan. 4. or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr, Cazenove, Liverpool-Jones, Westbrom- wich, coal-master; third div. of 3d. and f th ore Id. any Thursday ; Mr. Christie, Bin

mingham-Pickslay, Sheffield, merchant; first div.ot Is. any Monday or Wednesday after Jan. 1; Mr. Hope, Leeds-Lambert. Leeds, cloth-merchant; 2st lk final dia. of91d. any Monday or Wednesday after Dec.21 ; Mr,Hope, Leeds -Aspinall, Halifax, worsted- spinner; second aud mad div. of Is. lid. any Monday or Wednesday after Jan. I; Mr. Hope, Leeds-Blackburn, Bradford, woolstapler: first div. of 2. bd. on Jan. 4; Mr. Freeman, Leerts-Wilshin, Reading, draper; div. of 71. ltd, towards the first div. of 8s. 3d, any Saturday; Mr. Green, Aldermaubury-A. and J. Phillips, Whitechapel Road, window-glans-cutters; final div. of 71. any Saturday; Mr. Green, Alderman- bury-Lancaster, Barge Yard. Bucklersbury, merchant; second div. of is. 3d. any Saturday; Mr. Green. Aldermanbury-Chapmau and Woodyer, Wapping, coal-mer- chants ; final div. of 64-1.; first and dual div. of Is. 85d. on the separate estate of W. Chapman; and final div. of lit, on the separate estate of C. M. Woodyer, any Satur- day ; Mr. Green. Aldermanbury-Hunton, Bishopsgate Street, linendraper; anal div. of 4d. 2-5ths of 11. any Saturday; Mr. Green, Aldermaubury -Salomonson, Thread. need e Street, merchant: final div. of 2s. any Saturday ; Mr. Green. Aldermanbury- Lafareue, Great St. Helen's, merchant; final div. of l. any Saturday; Mr. Green, Al- dermanbury-Feaver. Ludgate Hill, mercer ; second div. of 51. any Saturday ; Mr. Green. Aldermanbury-Carter and Jackson, Brewer Street, Golden Square. woollen' drapers; third div. of 91. on Dec. 27. and two following Wednesdays; Mr. Groom. Abchurch Lane-Smith, Sheffield,:innkeeper; first die. of 5s. on Jan. 4, or auy subse- quent day ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds.


Race, A. Edinburgh, mill master, Dec. 27. Jan. 17. M•Nicor.., J. and D. Johnstone, candle wick merchants, Dec. 29, Jan. 19.

NAIRN, A. baker, Newburgh. Dec. 28, Jan. 20. Wavsow, D. Coatbridge, spirit dealer. Dec. 27. Jan. 18.