23 DECEMBER 1843, Page 2

Cie Court.

tchess of Gloucester is convalescent : the last bulletin was uesday.

e of Cambridge left town for Kew on Wednesday.

THE most striking event this week has been the visit of a party of nine North American Indians, of the Ojibbeway tribe, at Windsor Castle, accompanied by Mr. Catlin, the American traveller. There were six men — " he Boy," seventy-four years old ; a sage ; "The Swift-driving Cloud," about fifty, a war-chief; " The Flying Gull "; "The Bright Moonlight," a young warrior ; "Tobacco," another youth ; and a sixth, with an untranslated name, Ne-bet-neuch-qua; besides "The Strong Wind," a half-caste, the interpreter; and three females—Tobacco's young wife, and Ne.bet-neuch-qua's wife, and daughter, ten years old. The chiefs delivered addresses to the Queen, their "Great Mother," in the peculiar style of their race ; and the men performed some dances. Her Majesty and the Prince shook hands with the sage and the women. Refreshments were served to the Indian visiters, in an ante-room, before their departure.

Other visiters at the Castle have been, Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar, Baron Brunow, the Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Portman, Sir Henry Wheatley, the Bishop of Oxford, and Mr. Pemberton Leigh. On Monday morning, the Bishop of Oxford consecrated a new chapel in the Castle, in which daily service w ill be performed. Prince Albert has been active in field-sports: on Saturday, he went out rabbit-shooting; on Monday, he hunted with the harriers ; on Wednesday, he was shooting again ; on Thursday, he followed the buck-hounds. The Queen went to Poll Hill, to see the deer nncarted.

It was taken at Harefield. Yesterday, the gun was resumed.

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