23 DECEMBER 1843, Page 2

The scandal in Spain is not suffered to die away,

but has been kept alive in the Cortes by an interminable debate, the course of which has been seriously detrimental to the Ministers. S. LOPEZ, the Minister who was displaced by OLOZAGA, openly accused the "declaration " to which the Queen had put her signature, of being an elaborate lie ; and roundly rated the Government for unconsti- tutionally using the Queen's name. General Snafus°, whose alliance has been courted by all parties, at once told some damaging tales, which implied more than they directly asserted of Ministers, and denounced their endeavours to influence the issue of the debate by displays of military force, and the dismissal of party opponents from places under Government. The tendency of the whole affair is to set every section of political parties against the Moderados, who have isolated themselves. The recent history of Spain seems to put it beyond a doubt that they cannot stand alone. In their bewilderment, they have resorted to Queen CHRISTINA, whom they have invited home ! Low must the party think themselves that can turn to that dernier ressort.