23 DECEMBER 1843, Page 7



On the 5th December. at Earleigh Castle, Somerset, the Lady of H. BASEERVILLE, Esq., of a daughter. On the 10th, the Honourable Lady LEGATO), of a son. On the 10111, at Aton Hsu, the Lady of Captain Cots, R.N.. of a daughter. On the 10th, at Rampisham Rectory. the Lady of the Rev. FREDERICK J. Rome, of a SOD.

Os the 11th. at Nantes, the Lady of JOHN STEWART, Esq., of London. of a son. On the 12th, at Crowe Hall, near Downham Market, the Ludy of J. R. FRYER, Esq., of a daughter. On the 12th, at the Lower Rectory, Malpas, the Lady of the Rev. WILLIAM HENRY Berarrox, of a daughter. On the 15th, at Weimer, Kent, Lady ROSA Garvittx, of twin sons, one of whom was still-born.

On the 15th, at South Williugham Rectory, Lincolnshire, the Wife of the Rev. ANDREW CORBETT, of a ROM On the 15th, at the Vicarage, Cuckfield, Sussex, the Wife of the Rev. T. ASTLEY MAHERLY, of a daughter. On the 16th, at Norfolk Crescent, the Lady of Major H. B. HENDERSON, of a son. On the 16th, in the Close, Exeter. the Lady of the Rev. CHANCELLOR MARTIN, Of a son.


On the 4th December. at Countesbury Church. North Devon, W. R. Hauver, Esq., R.N., Coast Guard, Eastferry. Cove of Cork, to Maws, eldest daughter of the Rev. T. Bee, Manor House, Lyumouth. On the 5th, at Giggleswick, West Riding of Yorkshire, the Rev. JOHN STANSFELD, BA.. of St. John's College. Cambridge, youngest son of Robert Stansfeld, Esq., of Field House, near Halifax, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of Jon BIRICRECK, Esq., of Anley House, near Settle. On the 11th, at Pafford Church. near York, GEORGIC CHARLES Nauru:ram' BAXTER, Req.. of Catesby Abbey, Northamptonshire, to FRANCES, second daughter of Captain Gasves, of Howarth. On the 12th, at Links Place. Leith, the Rev. DAVID THORBITRN, A.M., to JANE, slaughter of the late Iona HAY, Esq., Leith. On the 24th. at Weymouth, the Rev. FRANCIS DADRENY, of Mepal, near Chatteris, to Soeurs, fourth daughter of the late WILLIAM Josres, Esq., Woodhall, Norfolk. On the 18th, at Lamerton, near Tavistock. Devon, the Rev. Grottos MARTIN, M.A., Rector of St. Pancras, to HARRIET, eldest daughter of the Rev. WILLIAM COWLARD, B.A.. Perpetual Curate of Laneast, Cornwall. Os the 19th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Right lion. Lord Dossovise, to Mrs. Verrossa, of Belle Hatch House, Oxfordshire. On the 19th, at St. John's, Liverpool. the Rev. G. F. TEIOMAS, M.A.. of Worcester College, ()third, to LvDre, daughter of the late Rev. R. Loussu, Rector of Halshall, Lancashire. On the 21st, at St. Maryleboue Church, hides GarrasON. Esq., late of the Hon. East India Company's Service, to HARRIET, eldest daughter of Mayor-General JAMES ALEX- ANDER, Bengal Array. On the 21st, at Maidstone, Joms ADAMS Major, Esq., Barrister-at Law, eldest son of Mr. Sergeant Adams, to EMILY, third daughter of the late Sir Joins Bums:sax Moans: of Riddell. Bart. At Castlepark, ROBERT KING Picas, Esq., only sou of Edward Piers, Esq. of Glou- cester Street, Dublin, to HEtourrrA CA/to:Arm, youngest daughter of the Right Hon. Baron RICHARD&


On the 8th December, at Downeud, user Bristol, Axis, Widow of the late Rev. Clraurroenea HAYNES, Rector of listen. Gloucestershire ; ia her 96th year. On the 14th, at Haulm% Commander Gasarr ALLAN. R.N. On the 16th, at the Vicarage, Hayes, Middlesex. the Rev. Jon NEVILLE FREEMAN, upwards of forty years Vicar of that parish ; in his 80th year.

On the 16th, the Rev. J. St. Virscerrr Bowes, son of the late Admiral Bowen, of Ilfracombe.

On the 16th, at Briddesholm, Lanarkshire, Colonel Do VERNET GROSEIT MIIIRHEAD (late Royal Staff Corps), eldest son of the late Colonel A. Du Vernet, of the Royal

Artillery ; in his 57th year.

On the 16th, at Greenwich Hospital,Commander EDWA.RDWIlaaraas ; in his 68th year. Oaths 16th, at Ashby its In Zotteh, Leicestershire. CATHERINE, Relict of the Rev. Jostrus Sierra, B.D., late Rectorof Holt, Norfolk ; in her 81st year. .0u the 16th, at St. Alban's, hisaaaarr, Relict of the Rev. W. WADE, RD., Rector of Lilly, Herta ; in her 84th year.

On the 17.11, at Winwick Warren, from a fall while hunting, Lord INviramay ; in his 234 year.

On the 17th, at Brighton, Sir RODIET FITZ Wvenust„ Bert; in his 71st year. On the 18th, at Stratton Street. Lord Lvasooca ; in his 94th year. On the 19th. Etismarrst RUMS& BITLWER [Arrow, Relict of the late General Bulwer. of Heydon Hall, Norfolk. On the Rist, the Rev. Wit.tasat Jontssots ROBBER, A.M., Rector of the united parishes of St. Mary.at-Hill and St. Andre* Hubbard, London, and Secretary to the Incorpo- rated Society for Building and Enlarging Churches and Chapels ; in his 534 year.