23 DECEMBER 1843, Page 8


OP past doings, since our last mention of theatrical matters, there is little to be said. Al Drury Lane, The Bohemian Girl appears to be running a prosperous career; and at the Haymarket, the performers have been taking their benefits in the absence of any great attraction. The return of Mr. FARREN to the stage, at least for some time, is, we fear, doubtful ; and Mr. C. MmtEwe's embarrassments compel him to appear in the Bankruptcy Court before reappearing with Madame VES- Tam on the Haymarket boards. Meanwhile, the Christmas entertain- Ments will be sufficient in the way of novelty for their main purpose of attracting the young. Drury Lane has a pantomime with a good sub- ject, Harlequin King Pepin, or Valentine and Orson ; and the Adelphi Harlequin Blue Beard promises plenty of fan; T. MarrnEws being the Clown, and WIELAND essaying Harlequin for the first time. The Hay- market has fortunately secured Miss P. HORTON as the substitute for Madame VESTRIS in an Olympic burlesque of the fairy tale The Fair One with the Golden Locks, by the author of Fortunio, The Sleeping Beauty, and others. The Princess's announces a burlesque called The Magic Mirror, by Mr. G. ATECKET.

Mr. MITCHELL has issued the programme of the approaching season of the French Plays at the St. James's Theatre : it promises abundance of novelty, and is not deficient in talent. Mademoiselle FORGEOT is the Directrice, as heretofore ; Mesdemoiselles DEJAZET and PLESSY, Ma- dame ALBERT, and Messieurs LEYASSOR and CARTIGNY, are re- engaged ; Messieurs Acnattn, L'HERIE, and VOLNYS, are the new

stars." The rest of the corps are all new to this country, excepting those two excellent comedians LEMADRE and LIENARD, and one or two others of less note ; and the repertoire contains but few pieces with which the London public is familiar. The first performance takes place on Monday the 22d January ; when Monsieur ACHARD makes his appearance.

It is reported that the English Operahouse has been taken by Messrs. PHELPS, ANDERSON, and KEELEY ; and that Monsieur JULLIEN is to re- move his Promenade Concerts thence to the more spacious area of Covent Garden. VAN AMBURGH proposed to turn the deserted" pa- tent" theatre into a circus ; for which it is well suited : but the pro- prietors gave a fresh proof of their folly by rejecting the offer.