23 DECEMBER 1854, Page 18

COMMERCIAL GAZETTE,, Tuesday, December 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVF.D.—Prieetly and Co., Huddersfield

and elsewhere, cotton- warp-manufacturers-Thomas and Kirby, Liverpool, wine-brokers-North and Bowers, High Streetahoreditch, linen-drapers-S. S. and I. D. Lucas, Greenwich, printers-Kench and Son, Warwick, millers-Walker and Lomas, Sheffield, flle-nia- nufacturers-G. C. Stewart and J. Coke, Hackney Road, trimming-manufacturers-' Howell, James, and Co. Regent Street, warehousemen ; as far as regards W. Sedge wick-Coathupes and Co. Bristol, crown-window-glass-manufacturers-Sercombe and Payne, Oxford Mews, Paddington, printers-Taylor and Thompson, Birming- ham, iron-founders-T. and J. Worrell, Chester, gun-makers-Thomson and Brown, Ledbury Road North, Kensington, corn-chandlers. Bereenuters.-Josima Visas and Jestas SMITH, Dover Road, Borough, builders, to surrender Dec. 28, Jan. 30: solicitor, Hall, Moorgate Street ; official assignee. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings -Geowax Wusox and WILLIAM Rayenset, Nottine Hill, builders, Dec. 30, Feb. 10: solicitor, Rushbury, Surrey Street, Strand ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Jose...en Louon, Great Queen Street, Fel Joni( Jaime; LIMEBEER, St. James's Street, boot-makers, Dec. 30, Fob, 10: sotto- tore, Allen and Co. Carlisle Street; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers- Josarer Gum, Blue Lion Yard, Upper North Place, Gray's Inn Road, livery-stable- keeper, Jan. 2, Feb. 2: solicitors, Young and Flews, Mark Lane; official assignee, Lee, Aldermanbury-Cnenees Museirrr, Dies, chemist, Jan. 2, Feb. 2: solicitors, Uttoo, Noble Street, Cheapside ; Cream, Eye, Suffolk; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Joint Perna Warn, Mark Lane, merchant, Dec. 27, Jan, 31: solisitore, Crowder and.11aynard„Ccdemanfatreet;. °facial-assignee, Stansfeld, lia divhall Street-Gismos CLIKANCE, St. Alban's, baker, Dec. 22, Jan. 24: solicitors, Crosley and Burn, Lombard Street; Simpson, St. Albans; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-JAHEZ Cowan, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire, li- nen-draper, January 3, 24: solicitors, Prescot, fRourbridge; Motteram and Haight. Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham -FREDERICK REHVIS BAHRAIN, Stamford, music-seller, January 2, February 6: solicitors, Law, Stamford; Hodgson, Birmingham; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham- ROBERT WILSON WYLIIR, St. Leonard, Devonshire, fiax-scutcher, Dec. 28, Ian. 24: solicitors, Bishop and Pitts, Exeter; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-WEIGHT and Co. Oxenhope, Yorkshire, worsted-spinners, Dec. 29, Jan. 26: solicitors, Wavell and Co. Halifax; official assignee, Young, Leeds-WILLIAM ALLAWAY, Southport, dentist, Jan. 4, 22: solicitor, Dodge, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liver- pool-JAMES Solitario Torsos, Liverpool, commission-agent, Dec. 29, Jan. 19: soli- citor, Roby, Liverpool; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool-WILLIAM YATES, Liver- pool, cotton-broker, Dec. 29, Jan. 19: solicitors, Evans and Son, Liverpool; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool-JOHN ELL-reruns, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer, Jan. 10, 31: solicitors, Grundys, Manchester; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester -Rename and Co. lineup, manufacturers, Dec. 19, Jan. 17 : solicitors, Rowley and Son, Manchester; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester. DIVIDBNDS.-Jan. 10, Gummer, Hart Street, Mark Lane, wine-merchant-Jan. 9, Webb, Leadenhall Street, silversmith-Jan. 10, Burton, Commercial Road, Lam- beth, builder-Jan. 12, Clagett, Leadenhall Street, patent ocean-float-manufac- turer-Jan. 16, West, London Terrace, Hackney Road, linen-draper-Jan. 16, Campbell, College Street, Camden Town, builder-Jan. 12. Bunting and Co. Nor- wich, tallow-chandlers-Jan. 12, Lopez, Fenchurch Street, cigar-merchant-Jan. 12, Heylyn and Connop, Coleman Street, dyers-Jan. 12, Wilton, Broadway, Westmin- ster„cheesernonger-Jan. 12, Trangmar, Brighton, grocer-Jan. 12, Paton, Bread Street, warehouseman-Jan. 12, Winker, Castle Street, Holborn, tailor-Jan. 12, Russell, Chichester, cabinet-maker-Jan. 12, Button, Holborn _Bars, chemist-Jan. 11, Her, Gloucester, draper-Jan. 10, Frame, Liverpool, stationer. CERTIFIGATIC8.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. -Jan. 10, Clark and Inglis, King's Cross, drapers-Jan. 10, Jennings, Laurie Terrace, Westminster Road, ironmonger-Jan. 10, Eaton, Upper Thames Street, wharfloger-Jan. 12, Ball, Wood Street, glover-Jan. 9, Hart, Hahne, Lan- cashire, timber-merchant-Jan. 10, Lightfoot, Stockport, grocer-Jan. 11, Harvey sen. and Pike. Birmingham, grocers-Jan. 16, Chapman, Leicester, worsted-spinner -Jan. 16, Bosworth, Leicester, oil-merchant-Jan. 16, Greenstreet, Leicester, com- mission-agent-Jan. 16, Hucknall, Nottingham, grocer. DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-Redfern, Manchester, stone-mason ; first div. of 48.9d. any Tuesday; Pott, Manchester-Mason, Manchester, stationer; first div. of 4s. 5d. any Tuesday; Pott, Manchester-Francis, Manchester, baker; second div. of Is. 3d. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser, Manchester-J. and H. B.. Halsted, Bradford, wool-staplers ; first div. of 3s. any day ; Hope, Leeds-Swire, Skipton, worsted-manufacturer; first div. of 15s. ffd. on the separate estate, any day; Hope, Leeds-Chapman, Leicester, worsted-spinner ; first div. of 3s. Jan. 1 and 8; Harris, Nottingham-Whitmore, Leicester, wool-stapler ; first div. of Is. Jan. .1 and 8; Harris, Nottingham. SCOTCH SECIDESTRATIONS. Gartcraig, Lanarkshire, contractor, Dec. 28- Staples, Glasgow, Wine-merchant, Dec. 28-J. and T. Herbertson, Glasgow, wrights, Jan. 2.

Friday, December 22. PARTNERSHIPS DmsoLvan.-Pimbury and Holmes, and Holmes and Co. Strand, Corn-mercliturta-Hain sen. and Hain Jun. Clifton, builders-Knowles and Co. Tot- tington Lower End, Lancaster, bleachers; as far as regards R. Knowles-Hollins and CO. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers; as far as regards C. Hollins -Dewd- ney and Co. Bathford, Bath, paper-makers ; as Inc as regards R. Dewdney-Ridge- hill Brick and Tile Company, Madeley, Salop-M. and A. Keyzor, Warwick, opti- cians-Barker and Hornby, York, surgeons-Jeukinson and Pillan, Oxford Street, shawl and mantle dealers-Openshaw and Son, Bury, cotton-spinners-Willis and Fiener, Conduit Street, Bond Street, dress-makers-Roberts and Menem, Sheffield, haft-pressers-Shipman and Co. Leeds, grocers-J. and J. M'Cormick, Manches- ter, drapers-Bibby and Taylor, Shade Hill, Manchester, cheese-factors-Nye and Moth, Threadneedle Street, tavern-keepers-JohnsoHand Profltt,;Fleet Street, hotel- keepers-Gibbs and Harrison, Banbury, grocers-Dane and Hemingway, Stratford, inlemzumfaciturem-Doody and Lake, Church Street, Hackney, grocers-Salter and Morris, Bell Yard, victuallers-Carter and Son, Greenwich, pawnbrokers-Wright and Weedon, Furnival's Inn, solicitors-Halle and Co. Glasgow, merchants; as far as regards R. Macnair jun. Romans-rot ANNIILLED.-MoRats ELms Parsamtrox and Co. Lime Street, City, merchants.

BArrantuus.-Grnaok HARDIN, Stoke Newington, linen-draper, to surrender Jan. 1, Feb. 10: solicitors, J. and J. II. Linklater, Slim Lane ; official assignee, Pennell, GwldImIl Chambers-JAMES Monrrstria, Grosvenor Road, St, John's Wood, builder, Jan. 2, Feb. 2: solicitor, Whitehouse, Bedford Row ; official assignee, Edwards, Basinghall Street-Jolts Bei-rams, Tokenhouse Yard, ship-owner, Jan. 9, Feb. 2: solicitor, Wyatt, Gray's Inn; official assignee, Edwards, Basinghall Street-Nrcnor, sox feats GARDNER, Water Lane, commission-agent, Jan. 2, Feb. 6: solicitor, Wyatt Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-HENRY SHEPPARD, Salis- bury, grocer, Jan. 2, 30: solicitors, Clark and Morice, Coleman Street; Hodding and Co. Salisbury; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-WILL BECIENPF.LL and THOMAS JONES, Duke Street, Southwark, dealers in cement, Jan. 2, 31 solicitor, Preston, Austin Friars; official assignee. Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-Jonze Gowan, Lawrence Lane, City, warehouseman, Jan. 4, Feb. 9: solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury-RICHARD GINKB, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, wheelwright, Jan. 4, 27: solicitor, Boycott, Kidderminster; Mottram and Knight, Birmingham: official assignee, Christie, Birmingham - Thous El:means, Shrewsbury, builder, Jan. 3, 24: solicitors, Morgan, Shrewsbury; Motteram and Knight, Birmingham ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham-Josium Poremerosr, Leicester, worsted-yarn-spinner, Jan. 9, Feb. 6: solicitors, Miles and Gregory, Leicester; Hodgson, Birmingham; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham-GaortoR Newts...awn, Nottingham, hatter, Jan. 9, Feb. 6: solicitors, Bowley. Nottingham; Hodgson, Birmingham; official assignee, Hants, Nottingham-Joanna STODDART, Northleacb. Gloucester, draper, Jau . 9, Feb. 6: solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury; Britten and Sons, Bristol; official assignee, Hutton, Bristol-WILLIAM CHA.DIVICX, Liverpool, lime-burner, Jan. 4, 29: solicitor, Dodge, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool-Seisoar, HIGHFIELD, Jan. 4, 29: solicitors, Townsend and Ridley, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool-Joms MARSHALL, Todmorden, innkeeper, Jan. 9, Feb. 6: official assignee, Hope, Leeds. DIVIDIINDS.-Jau. 13, Solomon, Holborn Hill, furniture-broker-Jan. 19, Wells, Maidstone, ironmonger-Jan. 16, Todd, Clement's Lane, Lombard Street, merchant -Jan. 19, Pickering, Piccadilly, bookseller-Jan. 12, Rutherford, Agnes Place, Wa- terloo Road, merchant-Feb. I, Harries, Tredegar, Monmouth, draper-Jan. 20, Co.,, Nottingham, throwster-Jan. 90, W. and II. Kynnersley, Tatenhill, Staffordshire, millers.

CERTIFIOATE6s-Th be granted, unless-cause be shown to the cowtrary, on the day of meefirs0.-Jan. 16, Hawkins, Ponsonby Street, builder-Jan. 16, Buehler, Cullum Street, merchant-Jan. 16, Sturgis, Maidstone, baker-Jan. 16, Longhurst, Queen's Buildings, Knightsbridge, builder-Jan. 13, ilsailow, Jewry Street, Aldgate, apo- thecary-Jan. 13, Hawkes, Britten Street, Chelsea, brewer-Jan. 13, Dungey, Med- way Terrace, Rochester, grocer-Jan. 12, Crew sen. and Crewjun. Gertrude Street, Chelsea, builders-Jan. 12, Nash, Crown Court, Cheapside, warehouseman-Jan. 12, Nutter, Cambridge, brewer-Jan. 30, Williams, Ebbw Vale, Newport, Mon- mouth, draper-Jan. 18, J. Fittes and R. Fides, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocers- Jan. 15, Harwood, Blackburn, tailor-Jan. 15, Swale:3, Openshaw, ironmonger- ,Tan. 22, Grainger jun. Wakefield, porter-merchant. DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-White, Watford, cattle-dealer ; first div. of 2s. rd. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Cottman, Sandgate, grocer; first of 5s, any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-May, Edgeware Road, Jeweller; first dir. of 2s. 7d. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street -Nor- bury and Bindloss, Manchester, silk-manufacturers, on the separate estate of T. Norbury; first div. of 48. 5,id. Jan. 2, or any subsequent Tuesday; Fraser, Man- chester-Crowther and Co. Manchester, warehousemen ; first div. of 6s. 8d. Jan. 2, and every following Tuesday ; Hernaman, Manchester-Armstrong and Hankey, Shrewsbury, tailors; first div. of 4s. 6d. any Thursday; Christie, Birmingham- Brooks, Blackburn, draper ; first div. of 6s. Jan. 9, and any subsequent Tuesday; Fraser, Manchester-Burgin, Sheffield, tailor ; second div. of Is. 6d. and first and second diva, on new proofs of 8s. Sol. any Saturday; Brewin, Sheffield-J. and R. Fittes, Gateshead, grocers; first div. of 5s. Id. any Saturday; Baker, Newcastle- upon-Tyne. SCOTCH SEgnESTRATIONS.-DANIEL LIVINGSTON, Parkbead, Glasgow, wright, Jan. 3-Jenza LAMB, Glasgow, builder, Jan. 4-MicHAEL ROWLAND jun. Glasgow, share-broker, Jan. 3.