23 DECEMBER 1905, Page 1

It will be our duty to do what we can

to make the burden imposed by Mr. Chamberlain and Mr. Balfour as light as possible ; but we do not pretend that there will be no burden. Let us, however, put the blame where it belongs, and not on the shoulders of those Unionist Free-traders who have helped to save the country from irreparable injury. Let us never forget, also, that we Unionist Free-traders stand exactly where we stood three years ago. We have not altered our views in regard to the Empire, India, the Army, the Navy, foreign affairs, or home affairs any more than as regards Free-trade. That the majority of the Unionist party have made a volte-face so sudden and so discreditable at the bidding of Mr. Chamberlain, and with the encouragement of Mr. Balfour, does not, and cannot, dis-Union us. We remain what we always were, both Unionists and Free-traders.