23 DECEMBER 1905, Page 2

A further list of Ministerial appointments was announoed'on Monday. Lord

Edmond Fitzmaurice goes to the Lords as Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, a post which he held from 1882-85 ; Mr. T. R. Buchanan becomes Financial Secretary to the War Office, Mr. George. Lambert Civil Lord of the Admiralty, and Messrs. Kearley, Runciman, Mid Lough Parliamentary Secretaries to the Board of Trade, the Local Government Board, and the Board of Education respectively; Mr. Alexander Ure, K.C., is appointed Solicitor- General for Scotland, and Mr. J. A. Pease and Mr. Herbert Lewis Junior Lords of the Treasury. It is also understood that Mr. Emmott is designated for the Chairmanship of Com- mittees, a promotion thoroughly deserved, though we should have preferred to see him in an executive post. Mr. C. R. Spencer, who goes to the Lords as Lord Althorp, is appointed Lord Chamberlain, and Mr. Wentworth Beaumont Vice. Chamberlain ; and the other appointments in the Royal Household include Lord Hawkesbury as Lord Steward, the Master of Elibank as Comptroller, the Earl of Sefton as Master of the Horse, and Sir Edward Strachey as Treasurer. It is understood that Sir Edward Strachey will represent the Agricultural Department in the Commons and be responsible for measures connected therewith, just as was Mr. Ailwyn Fellowes while Lord Onslow was at the Board of Agriculture- The overlooking of some previous occupants of office, and the allocation of the minor Ministerial posts, have excited some surprise, but in the main the claims of past services have been judiciously reconciled with the recognition of the value of new blood.