23 DECEMBER 1905, Page 23

Messrs. G. Routledge and Sons send us some specimens of

a very pleasing series entitled "The Broadway Booklets." They can be obtained separately for Gd. or Is. Gd. in lambskin, &c., or in sets of three in boxes at 1s. 6d. These sets present such com- binations as Sohrab and Rustum, Adonais, and Gray's Elegy, and The Eve of St. Agnes, Isabella ; or, The Pot of Basil, and Blake's Songs of Innocence. In the first why not " Lycidas," and "Thyrsis," unless copyright interferes ? Leaves of Grass—in " Selections " we should say—is classed with The Traveller and The Scholar Gypsy. There is room for much ingenuity and not a little difference of taste in this classifying business. But the series we may praise without reserve.