23 DECEMBER 1905, Page 24

Bodkin (ff. N.), A Madcap Marriage, cr 8vo (Long) 610

Bumpus (T. F.), Cathedrals of England and Wales. Second Series, cr 8vo (T. W. Laurie) net 6/0 Burrill (K.), The Amateur Cook, cr 8vo (Chambers) net 3/6 De Gnerville (A. B.), New Egypt. 8vo (Ileinetnann) net 16/0 De Nolhae (P.), Les Jardins de Versailles, 4to (Goupil) net 4010 Gibb (Mrs. H.), Through the Rain, cr Svo - (Long) 6/0 Griffith (G.). His Beautiful Client, cr 8vo (F. V. White) 6/0 Hardwick (J.), Fruit from the Tree of Life, cr Svo (C. H. Kelly) 2/6 Harrison (R.), Hulce, er 8vo (James) 2/6 Hebblethwaite (S. X.). Notes on General Practice ...(Scientific Press) net 3/6 Henderson (A. R.), History of Castle Gate Congregational Church, Nottingham, 1655-1905, er Svo (J. Clarke) net 2/6 Hughes (J.), Liverpool Banks and Bankers, 8vo (Simpkin) net 7/6 Hulme (E. W.), Leather for Libraries, Svo (Library Supply) net 2/6 Hunker (J.). Visionaries, cr 8vo (T. W. Laurie) 6/0 Jackson (E. H,), The Aliens of Harrock, cr 8vo (C. H. Kelly) 3/6

Johnston (J.), Jamaica, the New Riviera, 4to (Cassell) net 4/0

Johnstone (A.), Musical Criticisms, cr 8vo ... (Sherratt & Hughes) net - 5/0 Kennedy (P.), History of the Great Moghuls, Vol. I., 8vo ...(Thacker) net 15/0 Lyrics, by Author of "Erebus," limo (E. Mathews) net 2/6 Macalpine (G. W.), The Days of the Son of Man, Svo (Oxford Univ. Press) 5/0 Macquoid (P.), History of English Furniture, Vol. IL, folio (Lawrence & Bullen) net 42/0 Kellett (W. E.), Introduction to Old English Furniture. 4to ......(Newnes) 5/0 Marston JA. W.). With the King, Svo ..... ..... ..... ...... (Marshall Bros.) net 3/6 Maude (F. N.). Notes on the Evolution of Infantry Tactics...(Clowes) net 5/0 Maurice (F.). The Russo-Turkish War, 1877, er 8vo ...(Sonnenschein) net 5/0 Maxse (F. I.), Seymour Vandeleur : a Memoir, 4to (National Review) net 12/6 Meakin (A. M. B.), Russia Travels and Studies (Hurst & Blackett) net 16/0 Morton (W. H.) and Newton (H. C.), Sixty Years' Stage Service : Life of Charles Morton, 8vo (Gale & Polden) 3/6 Muddock (J. E.). For the White Cockade, cr Svo (Long) 6/0 Our Cathedrals and Abbeys, 4to (Bagster) net 3/0 Pierson (A. T.), The Bible and Spiritual Criticism, er 8vo......(Nisbet) net 3/6 Queen's Christmas Carol (The), by Various Authors, 4to(Harinsworth) net 2/6 Ranking (G. S. A.), English-Hindustani Dictionary, 8vo (Thacker) net 30/0 Sassoon (A.), Llewellyn. and other Poems, 12mo (D. Bryce) net 2/6 Scherren (H.), The Zoological Society of London, roy 8vo ... (Cassell)net 30/0

Sinnett (A. P.), Occult Essays, Cr 8vo (Theosophical Pub. Co. net 2/6 Soden (Baron H. von), The History of Early Christian Literature, cr 8vo

(Williams & Norgate) 5/0 Spelman (W. W.), Lowestoft China, 4to (Jerrold) net 63/0 Sprott (G. W.), Enchologion, 12mo (W. Blackwood) net 4/6 Strachan (J.), Hebrew Ideals, cr 8vo (T. & T. Clark) net 3/0 Trial of the City of Glasgow Bank Directors, 8vo...(Sweet & Maxwell net 5/0 Trotter (Mrs.), Undertones of the 19th Century, 4to (J. Clarke net 2/6

Wingfield (G.), He that is Without Sin, er 8vo (Long) 6/0

Wright (C. H. H.), Daniel and his Prophecies, er Svo(Williams & Norgate) 7/6