23 DECEMBER 1905, Page 24

Who's Who, 1906 (A. and C. Black, 7s. 6d. net)

introduces some novelties which we will give in its own words :-" New and interesting additions are made this year to many of the biographies by a record of the number of a man's sons and daughters ; and by way of increasing the value of the book, motor and telephone numbers, and telegraphic addresses have been added when required." It is needless to praise Who's Who. But could not an amusing book be constructed out of the " recrea- tions" of the good and wise whose names appear in these pages ? One of them gives "wholesome food" as one of his '` recreations," another " a private law library of 30,000 volumes." We have not observed that any one owns to " bridge."-With this should be mentioned Who's Who Year Book (same publishers, ls. net) containing a variety of tables for which room cannot be found in the original work.