23 DECEMBER 1972, Page 30

The cultural Left

From Miss B. E. Thomas:

iir, While I agree with your vieW, expressed in your editorial of December 9, that it is not surprising to find a pronounced left-wing bias in the cultural establishment, I do not agree with the reasons that you suggest for the state of affairs. The left-inclined are not in control of anything — culture, broadcasting, television, education and so on — by accident, fashion or solely on merit; they are there by determined and deliberate design. After all, if one wishes to influence people's thoughts. opinions ,attitudes and way of life, which is the best way to go about it? One option is to organise a Demo '; this certainly lets everyone know how you feel about the ' issue in question, but it is inclined to be counter-productive in that it is likely to arouse more antagonism than support. The best way ,which is slow but much more lasting and efficient, is gradually to gain control of all the media of information, entertainment and education. One quietlY slips one's fellow-believers into the right administrative niches — theY must not, of course, be blatant revolutionaries, just a shade leftwing and tolerantly humanistic 10 outlook. Once they are firmly control, they can see that the lower executive posts are filled bY the 'right' sort of material, who can then get down to the real job of conditioning. There is no need to bludgeon listeners, viewers, school-children and students with obvious propaganda. This can be done, of course, and is useful occasionallY to divert the attention of one's opponents from the slow, insidlouS, regular poison that one pours out, but care should be taken not to arouse too vicious a reactionary back-lash, which might just inter: fere with long-term shaping and moulding of popular opinion.

Because the left-wing are nri Control by design, there is little Chance that the normal ebb and flow of political ideas will oust them in due course. Unless this fact is clearly recognised — Without the usual haze of indulgence and tolerant myopia — and unless active, positive measures are taken to combat their doctrines, they will cling to their Positions of power by fair means or foul.

By the way, does anyone believe that it is just a coincidence that two normal, intelligent youngsters, for whom bright futures were forecast, went to university and Changed into rabid anarchists?

B. E. Thomas Rushacre House, Narbeth, Pembs