23 DECEMBER 1972, Page 31

Frelimo activity

Sir: I agree with Brigadier Calvert (Letters, December 9) that Frelimo Claims about their successes in Mozambique should be treated with scepticism. Take the recent attack On Mveda, to which Elizabeth

Morris refers in her article (December 2). It consisted of an attack on the base from Russia 122 milimetre rockets. A Frelimo communique at the time gave the impression that the base had virtually been destroyed. Having been in Mveda shortly after the attack, I can confirm that this is false. In fact, the closest rocket landed over two kilometres from the base.

Incidentally Elizabeth Morris may be correct in saying that Frelimo use "home-made landmines " and "bullets of melted down metal from Portuguese vehicles " but many of these arms are now supplied by the Chinese.

Adam Sykes Barley Hill House, Nuffield, Oxfordshire