23 DECEMBER 1972, Page 31

Not de-coked

Sir: In your Will Waspe feature in The Spectator for December 9, reference is made to a member of the public not being able to buy a " Coke" in the Crush Bar of the Royal Opera House during a Performance.

I would like to correct some of the implications in the editorial Comment. Pepsi Cola has been available to the public on sale at the Crush Bar throughout this season as a result of general demand — although, it is possible, someone wishing to buy it might have to move along the bar at any one time because of limitations in storage space (supply could run out with any one particular barman). It is also interesting to note that we endeavour to provide more than one choice of soft drink; in fact, we also provide orange squash (especially for children who come to our matinee performances) --in addition to selling ice cream, etc.

J. Bransby Roberts Public Relations Office, The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London WC2