23 DECEMBER 1972, Page 31

Sloppy English

Sir: Many BBC listeners must Share, as I do, Mr L. E. Weidberg's bête noire ' negociate ' (his letter, 'December 16). For me the beastliness is shared by the equally

insipid ' Rhodecia.' The next horrors will presumably be Uganda Acians ' and United Nacions.'

Mr Weidberg is of course right to mention ' harassment.' At this moment of time listeners are also harassed ' by " controverssy " — one can go on and on. How long will the BBC continue to emaciate and emasculate the English language? Presumably Until we have another Lord Reith, Which may be never. The offenders, of course, are not only BBC announcers but guest speakers — e.g. in the case of Rhodecia ' none other than Sir Gerald Nabarro MP (or is it always his lady secretary speaking?).

Not to mention the maddening Americanism 'this ' for 'that.'

L. Gorden National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1