23 FEBRUARY 1884, Page 2

The so-called religious party in the House of Commons are

gradually raising Mr. Bradlaugh into the position of a sort of standard-bearer of the right of constituencies to elect whom they please, and are so overcoming the effects of the profound dislike which is everywhere entertained to the man and his principles. Mr. Bradlaugh was returned for Northampton on Tuesday by a majority of 368 votes, 4,032 for Mr. Bradlaugh, against 3,664 for Mr. Richards. This is a considerable increase of his majority, as compared with both the last elections. In April, 1881, Mr. Bradlaugh only obtained a majority of 132 over Mr. Corbett ; and in 1882, after his expulsion, he was elected by a majority only of 108. He is growing into a sort of artificial popularity, which the Tories and the so-called religious party have com- bined to foster for him.