23 FEBRUARY 1884, Page 24

BOOBS RECEIVED :—Flow is the Divinity of Jesus Christ Depicted

in the Epistles and Gospels ? By Thomas Whitelaw, M.A. (Hodder and Stoughton.)—Outlines of Church Teaching. By C. C. G. With a preface by the Rev. F. Paget. (Masters.)—Thoughts on Great Mysteries. Selected from the works of Frederick William Faber, D.D. (Suttaby and Co.)—The Republic of God : an Institute of Theology. By Elisha Mulford, LL.D. ; a "seventh edition." (Hough- ton, Mifflin, and Co., Boston, U.S.)—Rock versus Sand ; or, the Foundations of the Christian Faith. By John Monro Gibson, D.D.- Genesis in Advance of Present Science, a Critical Investigation of Chapters I.-IX. By a Septuagenarian Beneficed Presbyter. (Kogan Paul, Trench, and Co.)—Thoughts upon the Liturgical Gospels. Vol. IL "Containing the Gospels from Easter Day to the Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity." By Edward Meyrick Goalburn, D.D. (Rivingtons.) —Jesus Christ ; God ; God and Man. Conferences by the Rev. Pere Lacordaire. New edition, in one volume. (Chapman and Hall.)— Creeds of the Day. By Henry Coke. 2 vols. (Triibner and Co.)— Man., Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Considered. By Cosine Garrett. (16 Finsbury Square.)—The History of Burma. By Lieu- tenant-General Sir Arthur P. Phayre. (Trabner and Co.)—The Eco- nomic Revolution in India, and the Public Works Policy. By A. K. Connell, M.A. (Began Paul, Trench, and Co.)—Wealth-Creation. By Augustus Mongreclieo. (Cassell and Co.)—Ups and Downs of Spanish Travel. By H. Belscher Graham-Bellingham ; a "second edition." (Kegan Paul, Trench, and Co.)—Raleigh in Inland. By Sir John Pope Hennessy. (Kegan Paul, Trench, and Co.)

We have received Bacon's "Bird's-eye View of the Egyptian Soudan," an exceedingly useful and convenient kind of map, as it requirel.no searching. It would have been, however, of three times its value, if the publishers had inserted the distance of each place from Cairo. There is plenty of room, and it is about distances in these vast territories that the British public is so much at sea.