23 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 17


[To TRH EDITOR ON Tax " SPRCT•TOZ.") Sin,—You will perhaps permit me to point out that when, as you say in the Spectator of February 161h, I preached "the gospel of Silver all through my address" on February 12th, and thus earned from you the title of "a currency fanatic," I was simply advocating the same views as those which have been expressed during the past ten days by two Prime Ministers,—viz., M. Ribot of France and Prince Hohenlohe Df Germany. Both of them intimated their intention of immediately opening up communication with the other leading Governments, with a view to the summoning of an International Monetary Conference having in view the rehabilitation of silver. It will be seen also from the telegrams in to-day's newspapers, that on Saturday, Feb- ruary 16th, the German Reichstag adopted by a large majority Count Ifirbach's motion in favour of Bimetallism. I may further point out, in regard to your reference to me in connection with silver, that it is an unconscious testimony to the fact that men of practical experience can hardly fail to support the remonetisation of silver.—I am, Sir, Sze., Wellington Club, February 18th. T. H. WHITEHEAD.