23 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 24

Cherton's Work-People. By Alfred Colbeck. (J. Clarke and Co) —Philip

Cherton, of the firm of "Cherton Brothers, Limited," is convinced that the employers ought to help the employed. They are making great profits,—they are bound, he thinks, to make those who do so much to earn them, sharers in their prosperity. At first, he has all the partners but one against him, that one being the youngest sister (the profits must have been indeed enormous, for this youngest sister, not yet of age, comes forward with a cheque for £1,250). The story of how he wins his way, converting by degrees all his kindred to his way of thinking, makes an excellent story. Mr. Colbeck has it in his mind to advocate total abstinence, as well as an informal profit-sharing, and he does so in a more reasonable way than we commonly find in temperance literature.