23 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 24

Samuel R therford and Some of his Correspondents. By Alexander

Whyte, D D. (Oliphant, Anderson, and Ferrier)— This volume consists of lectures, and have something of the florid and ornate character which suits the pulpit or platform better than it suits the reading-table. However, they were doubtless worth preservation. Many doubtless will read them to whom the "seraphic" "Letters" themselves are unknown ; and some, it may be, will study them to learn something more about the remarkable man with whom they deal. Dr. Whyte is not a through-thick-and-thin admirer of Rutherford. His second lecture is" Samuel Rutherford and Some of his Extremes." The letters introduce us to various notable men and women who had the privilege of being this great man's correspondents.