23 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 3

Mr. Morley, in spite of his attempts to govern Ireland

according to Irish ideas, seems destined to meet the usual fate of Chief Secretaries. He is being called a murderer, and held up to public odium because he did a plain piece of duty, and allowed a guilty man to go to the gallows in spite of a popular Nationalist outcry. This is what the Irish Weekly Independent said of the execution of Twiss, the murderer :—" A foul and deliberate murder has been com- mitted" [the execution was the murder, not Twiss's crime]. "A

man named John Morley is charged with the crime It is a terrible charge, and, when true, it deserves death. Let John Morley look to it." We have no words strong enough to condemn this false and wicked language, but we fear that it represents the opinion of a large body of Nationalists. Mr. Morley learns by example what governing Ireland aocording to Irish ideas, really means. It means letting murderers live in response to a political outcry.