23 FEBRUARY 1901, Page 1

A violent scene occurred in the Austrian Reichsrath on Wednesday.

Negotiations had been going on for some days between the Government, the President, and the party leaders, with a view to effect a compromise on the language question. When these had failed the President resolved to settle the question independently, and decided to accept non- German interpellations on the understanding that they must be translated into German, the translation appearing in the minutes and the original text in an appendix. This compro- mise satisfied neither Czechs nor Pan-G-ermans. The latter called the President and Vice-President" scoundrels " ; the former, not content with abuse, pelted the President with documents; and in the riot that ensued he was only protected from assault by the resolute behaviour of the strongest man in the House, Baron Wassilko, a Roumanian representative, "who kept his aasailauts at bay until comparative order was restored through the intervention of an aged Bishop and some other Members." The worst feature of the incident was the dis- position shown by the two extreme and politically irreconcil- able parties to unite in wrecking the progress of public business.