23 FEBRUARY 1901, Page 1

The great event of the week in France has been,

for a wonder, non-political,--the marriage of M. Paul Deschartel, the recently reappointed President of the Chamber of Deputies. The wedding, celebrated in the church of St. Germain-des-Pres on Sunday last, attracted a prodigious crowd of every conceivable shade of political opinion—from Royalists to Internationalists—united by their common curiosity and, it is only fair to add, their goodwill towards the bridegroom. The secret of M. Deschanel's popularity with all factions and creeds is ascribed by his detractors. to an elastic conscience, *imperturbable affability, perfect manners, and lavish hospitality. But to his credit it must be admitted that neither now nor at any other time has his loyalty to the Roman Church been called in question. In- deed, it argues not a little courage that he should have deliberately assigned such exceptional importance to the religious ceremony of Sunday last.