23 FEBRUARY 1901, Page 3

In our - opinion, the absolute negative offered by the Government

to the amendment was entirely justified. Not only do we hold that it is utterly impossible to plunge into a scheme for spendbig 2120,000,000 at the present moment, but we also consider that the time for compulsory purchase has passed.- When the last purchase scheme was proposed there was, we held, a great deal to be said for a wide and comprehensive Scheme for creating a peasant proprietary in Ireland at one stroke. The decision, however, went the other way, and it is now impossible to reverse it, for in Ireland it is especially true that "any plan is a good plan as long as you stick to it." What must be done now is to do everything possible to increase the smooth and easy working of purchase transactions under the existing Acts, and to prevent those Actabeing.strangled by red-tape.