23 FEBRUARY 1940, Page 6

Not everything we read in the papers (so they will

tell me) is true, so I hope there may still be a denial of the report that Sir Kenneth Clark intends making a propaganda film depicting the " admirably conducted action " in the Josing Fjord. In certain circumstances such a film would be in- valuable. If it so happened that a cinematograph operator found himself opportunely on the banks of the fjord when the action took place ; if, therefore, a real film of the action itself can be provided, with, if you will, the discussion in Whitehall beforehand and the diplomatic exchanges after- wards duly depicted, then let us have it by all means, and without a moment's delay. But if what is in prospect is merely a " reconstruction " of the action—in other words, a plain fake—then it will be something our propaganda had much better not descend to. I know, of course, that there is " stock matter " in The Lion Has Wings, but that film does at any rate represent something the R.A.F. is doing every day of the week. The Royal Navy, no doubt to its disappointment, does not get a chance of emulating the cruiser Clampherdown ' every week, or every month, or every year. * * * *