23 JANUARY 1841, Page 1

A prominent part of the home interest of the week

centres in the floods, which have inundated wide tracts of country, devastating property and destroying life. The sudden thaw has had no pa- rallel for many years. The high winds with which it was accompa- nied melted the snow as rapidly as the rain ; and the combination of the two causes almost nullified the well-known provision against the effects of sudden thaws which the absorption of heat by lique- faction ordinarily supplies. The communication by railw

not, with a few exceptions, been suspended by the n

waters ; and where the rails remain firm and the watisc , deep as to reach the engine-pipe, they have served tcf.lt internal communication with more certainty and safetylli

• Mr. SMYTHE, however, appears not to feel so much confiden might be advisable to put his antagonist out of the way: this mo tell us that he made Mr. WILSON'S words the basis of overtur combat, with pistols instead of placards,—.a very summary to seding the poll.

be attained on common roads. The suffering and destitution pro- duced by the inundations, call for the prompt attention of phi- lanthropists, to alleviate the wide-spread distress.