23 JANUARY 1841, Page 10

Covent Garden continues crowded to the ceiling every night by

th lovers of pantomime, whom dulness cannot daunt. True, the splendour of the spectacle—the Midsummer Night's Dreant having preceded the pantomime four nights in every week, the other two being devoted to- the Merry Wives of Windsor—makes amends for the lack of fun. When the holydays are over, however, and the throng of little round faces that now stud the boxes have disappeared, there will be novelties forthcoming to stimulate the more fastidious tastes of elder playgoers: we have heard a rumour of the revival of The Beaux Stratagem; and a petite comedy by DOUGLAS JERROLD, with the piquant title of The Little French Milliner is understood to be in rehearsal.

At Drury Lane, Monsieur JULLIEN now leads the orchestra, which has been reinforced by a vocal chorus, making the number of per- formers 170. BEETHOVEN'S Symphony, founded on Semis vat's "Ode to Joy," and LOCKE'S music in Macbeth have been effectively given.