23 JANUARY 1841, Page 10


Arrived—At Gravesend, Jan, 20th, Earl Grey, Surflen. from Bengal. At Deal, 22d, Premier, Keith; Arabella, Jackson; and Gloucester. Brooks. from Mauritius. Off the Wight, 224, Manilla, Pearson. from China. At Liverpool, 17th, Eleanor Lan- anger, Cowley, front Bengal ; 18th, Mary Hartley, Webb, trom Mauritius; 19th, Leo- nard Dobbin, Carpenter. from Bombay; and Flowers of Cgie. Annan. front Bengal ; 22d, Sydney, Ellis, from Singapore ; and Ann Jane, Rigby, front Bengal. lathe Clyde. 18th. Ann, Jeffrey, from Bombay. At St. Helena, previous to 30th Nov. Mary Cennell, Smith; W. Lee, Shepherd; and Blake. Eshelby, from Bengal; and Tan- jore. Hopper, from Ceylon. Sailed—From Gravesend, Jan. 16th, Louisa, Woodman, for Bombay ; 20th, James, liteazely. for Bengal; and Columbus, Ager, for ,Madras. From Liverpool, 19th Crown, Kerr, fur Bombay.