23 JANUARY 1841, Page 10



Money has become more scarce ; and several sales of Stock were made in the early part of the week, by which Consols were depressed to 89t1 for Money, and 819-3 for Account; but have since improved, and are to-day at 90 for Money, and

soh for Account. Exchequer Bills have declined ; the premium upon them being to-day as low as Os. Bank Stock has experienced a further improve-

ment, and has been as high as 171 both for Money and Acequat. The great

improvement in this Stock recently has given rise to a report that an arrange- ment has been concluded between the Corporation and the Government for the renewal of the Charter, which will expire in 1842. We cannot, however, trace this rumour to any authentic source, and are not inclined to give any credit to it. The recent price may be accounted for by the fact, that the price had been previously depressed, namely, to 156, in anticipation of a sale of .50,000/. Stockbelonging to the late Earl of BnircWaTen, which it was believed would be thrown upon the market, in accordance with a decree of the Court Of Chancery ; but, for some reason or other, the sale has not taken place; and with the improvement in other descriptions of Stock, this Security has risen nearly 14 per cent. The European Continental Stocks are in demand. Russian Five per Cents. are 113f ; Belgian Five per Cents., 981; and the Scrip of the new Belgian Loan 2 premium. Dutch Stock is steady at 504. The conclusion of a treaty of peace between France and the Republic of Buenos Ayres has caused a de- mand for the Bonds of that Republic, and the South American Stocks gene- rally. The former have been done as high as 214 ; while Peruvian hare been sit 164 and Brazilian at 74; Columbian have been steady at 234. Portuguese Securities have been but little affected, and the operations in them unim- portant. A purchase of 20,000/. Three per Cents, in the course of the week cave a tone to the market, which has been rendered more firm to-day in consequence of rumours of the settlement of the Douro question. Spanish Active Stock, which till this morning had fluctuated between 244 and 24i, and has been to-day at the former price, improved in the course of the afternoon snore than per cent., in consequence of some considerable speculative pur- chases, induced, it is said, by the receipt of an express from Paris bringing in- telligence of an improvement of 1 per cent. in the price of Active Stock in that capital, and a rise of 14 per cent. in Madrid, where the Local Stock was at 30. The quotation here has consequently been as high as 254 for the current, and 25i for the February Account: the market, however, afterwards gave way slightly ; but rallied again before the dose, when the last price was 254 for the Account, and 254 i for February.

£91 90* 90* 981 98k 1E9 70 6 8pm. 251 73 4 SATURDAY, TWELVE o'CLOCU.

There have been some considerable transactions for Money this morning, contrary to the ordinary routine of Saturday ; and as the sales have predomi- nated over the purchases, the prices of the English Funds have given way about per cent. Consols have been done at 90 for Money and 904 for Ac- count, and there are now sellers at 89; for Money, and 904 for Account. Ex- chequer Bills are the same. Bank Stock is rather heavier, and after being at 170, is quoted at 169. India Stock is 251. In the Foreign Markets, the Northern European Stocks and South American Securities are firm, with but little doing. There has been some slight activity in Spanish Active Stock ; the impulse given to the market yesterday afternoon having been sustained for a short time. The opening price was 254, and the stock has since been as high as 251, but has given way with the decline of the English Funds, and is now 25 to 25A. SATURDAY, Foes O'CLOCK.

Prices generally have improved, and are rather firmer at the close. Consols for Money have been done at 90. Exchequer Bills are the same. 'We have no quotation of India or Bank Stock since the morning. In the Foreign Mar- ket, South American Securities are in slight demand. Buenos Ayres Bonds laving been done at 22, and Brazilian at 744. Columbian are unchanged, and -we have no quotation of Peruvian. Spanish Active has been depressed to 24, but has sinee improved, and closes at 25 to h, the morning's price. Russian Five per Cents, have been quoted at 1144, and Old Portuguese Five per Cents.

st 63.

Spec Cent. Consols

Ditto for Account it per Cent. Reduced

.3* per Cent. Ditto

New lit per Ceuta Exchequer Bills

India Stock for Account Brazilian 5 per Cents Belgian 5 per Cents. ..... _ 98 9 Columbian 6 per Cents 23t I Danish it per Cents 77f Si Dutch 2* per Cents 50/ 1

Mexican 5 per Cents. Cousd 281 f Portuguese Regency 5 per Cts 324 * Ditto a per Cents 20 * Russian 5 per Cents. 114 4 Spanish (Active) 25 *