23 JANUARY 1841, Page 14


London, 21st January 1841.

Sr—Yon have performed a most useful and important service, by the pub- lication of a digest of the Evidence given before a Select Committee of the Mouse of Commons on Trade and Revenue, during the last session ; and par- ticularly by calling attention to the evidence of Mr. DEACON HUME and Mr. litPGREc on.

Without relaxing from the opinion that the more directly property is reached, as the source of the public supplies, the more will property already existing benefit the proprietor, and the more will property increase and abound,

I cannot withhold the expression of my approval of the principles which govern the opinions given to the Select Committee ; and as the first instance in which I can recollect the subject of commerce to have been treated with clearness and comprehension in Parliament, I hope the Report of the Committee will be echoed throughout the kingdom in petitions to the Legislature to proceed at once, without hesitation, to the revision and reform of the Revenue-laws in all their offensive and humiliating details.

The abolition of most of our laws of Customs and Excise, by the substitution

of a Property-tax, would, I am persuaded, be far more effectual to the improve- ment of thecondition both of rich and poor than the modified taxes suggested to the Committee; but, with the prospect of greatly reduced taxes and an increased revenue by the adoption of the latter, I see little probability of suc- ceeding, at this time, in the greater measure. I therefore most willingly give my humble voice in favour of the plan of which an outline has been submitted by Mr. M'GREGOR, subject to any advan- tageous alterations it might admit in being carried into operation. _