23 JANUARY 1841, Page 19



On the 15th inst., in St. James's Square, the Lady STANLEY, of a son. At the Right lion. J. W. Croker'e, West Molesey. the Lady of GEORGE BARROW,

Esq., of a son.

On the I Ith inst., at Bath, the Lady of Lieut.-Col. SWINTON. of a son. On the 12th inst., at Sarrenden Hering, the Hon. Ludy DERING, of a son.

Ott the lah inst., at Aberdour, Fife, Mrs. GRIEVE, of a son.

Ott the 15th inst., at Westertou, the Hon. Mrs. ARERCROMBY, of a son.


On the 19th inst., at Charlton. Kent, FREDFRICR Moon, Esq., of the Second Queen's Royals, to MARGARET, ouly surviving daughter of the late Colonel Thomas Wood, e.B., Bengal Engineers. On the 19th inst.. at Eatington. Warwickshire, the seat of Evelyn Shirley. Esq., M.P., the Hon. Ilixnr HANBURY TRACY, of Cmbhay. Somersetshire, second son of Lord Sudeley, to Rosamosn ANN MvirrzE, daughter of the late and sister of the preseut Viscount Tamworth.

On the 20th inst., at Streatham, Captain Jolts: Wn.r.tsms REYNOLDS, of Prince Albert's Hussars, to HELEN, eldest daughter of Henry Harvey, Esq., of Hill House. Streatham.

On the 13th inst., at the British Embassy, Paris, the Rev. ARTHUR Dorozass, of Hoare Town Park, New South Wales. only son of Dr. Douglass. of Havre, to EMMY, eldest daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir Salisbury Davenport, K.C.B., of Morahan Hall, in the county of Chester, sod Weedon Lodge, Bucks. Ou the 13th imt.. at East Wemyss. the Rev. JOHN CRAWFORD. Minister of Crichton. to ANNE, eldest daughter of the late Rev. William Thomson, Minister of Falkland.


Ou the 14th inst., at Heavitree, near Exeter, FREDERICK MAUNDER, Esq.. in his 51st year, of the firm of Maunder Brothers and Co., Liverpool, and Port au Prince, Hayti, in which Republic he had been generally a Resident since 1806. On the 20th in Charles Street, Berkeley Square, GEORGINA Countess Barticarr, Relict of HENRY third Earl Bathurst, in her 76th sear. At tipper Tooting. Captain RICHARD ALEAGER, Member of Parliament for the East- ern Division of the County of Sorry, in 60th year. The HOIL GEORGE VIVIAN CHICHESTER, youngest son of the late Lord Templemore. in his 7th year. WILLI' s Fos-ren DICK. Esq.. brother of Q. Dick, Esq.. M.P. At Winchester, PHILIPPA, Widow of the Rev. Harry Lee, Fellow of Winchester Col- lege, and youngest daughter of the late Sir W. Blackstone, Knight. At Dawlish. near Ilminster, JANE, Relict of Charles Parke, Esq., in her 84th year. At Tregew, Cornwall, Lieut. PETER, R.N., late Commander of his Majesty's Packet Opossum. Ott the 8th inst., at Paris. at an advanced age, Dr. Jon BORTHDICK Gmcarosr. At Portsmouth, Dr. SEEDS, ill his 87th year, Senior Surgeon in the Navy on the active list; he was surgeon in the Ctesar, on the 1st June action. On the 17th inst., at Ventuor. Isle of Wight, the Rev. Manua Ovrxx JOEINES, A.M.. Rector of Ludlow, in his 29th year. Suddenly, at Colinshays, Somersetshire, the Rev. lure DAMPIER, in his 63d year. The Rev. Wm Horrox, of Kemerton Court, uear Tewkesbury, in his 92d year. On the 20th inst., at Cole Park, Wilts, lin his 82.1 year. Pares HARVEY LOVELL. Esq. On the 20th inst., at the Rectory, Freston, Suffolk, the Rev. Jolts THEODORE Boren, Rector of Freston, iu his 28th year.

At Staiston. Norfolk. in her 93d year, Abair, Relict of Mr. Robert Burgess.

At St. SidWell'e. Exeter, Mr. WM. BAGNELL, in his 102.1 year. He was born on Christmas-clay 1738. and retained his faculties to the last. He was never known to use spectacles. and was able to read distinctly. He has left behind him two sisters. one 92, the other 84.