23 JANUARY 1841, Page 2

During the lull in European dissension, Switzerland has taken occasion

to have another little revolt. Two Cantons, Soleure and Argovia, whose people have recently adopted new constitutions proposed by the Government of each, have been disturbed by the aristocratic party, who resented the political change, and by the Catholics, who desidemted greater influence than was accorded by either of the new constitutions, or due to their numerical propor- tion in each province. Soleure began the disturbance ; and was scarcely quieted ere Argovia broke out into yet greater disorders. Several towns revolted, and resisted the Government troops for three days, sustaining more than one engagement. The result was the utter rout of the insurgents. The monks had taken part in the rebellion, and the Government visited them with special punishment, suppressing all monasteries within the province. This extreme measure is expected by some, and not without apparent reason, to prove the source of new troubles. The excitement con- sequent upon the late events is not yet allayed.