23 JANUARY 1841, Page 2

The accounts from Constantinople are of the most contradictory nature.

It has been asserted that the Porte, in deference to the swishes of its august allies, had given MEHEMET Am the hereditary Pashalic of Egypt, upon condition of the evacuation of Syria a. d the immediate surrender of the Turkish fleet. Next it is said that the Pashalic was only restored for life. Then it is announced that the question of the Pashalic is suspended, until MEHEMET Am shall have effectuated his submission without qualification or reserve. And now the last account that has come before us, in the corre- spondence of the Morning Chronicle, says that the firmer] which reappoints MEHEMET ALI is of a peculiar kind, which is renewable from year to year ; so that he has not even the Pashalic for life, but only holds it by a yearly tenure. If so, the question is still an open question in the widest sense of the term, with but little chance of its being closed. In that case, what will the Four Powers do with their refractory ally at Constantinople?