23 JANUARY 1841, Page 9

The Paris papers of Thursday evening are received. The discussion

on the fortification project commenced that morning in the Chamber of Deputies, and proceeded to the hour the post left Paris 'without any remarkable incident.

Marshal Soult, the Minister of War, presented to the Chamber three projects of law : the first was relative to the levy of 80,000 recruits of the class of 1840; the second proposed several modifications in the con- scription-law of the 22d March 1832, and amongst others the prolonga- tion of the time of military service by one year—seven years instead of six; it also recommended the introduction of various changes in the conditions for the admission of substitutes, and laid down the basis of the organization of a reserve force. In the third bill, the Minister de- manded an extraordinary credit, destined to improve the condition of the non-commissioned officers of the Artillery and Gendarmerie.