23 JANUARY 1909, Page 2

As long as the Young Turks in exile in Egypt

did not plot against the Sultan's life, or take any other unfair advantage of the protection accorded them, Lord Cromer secured to them immunity from arrest and destruction. A less strong and less liberal-minded man might have been taken in by the plea that Egypt was in law part of the dominions of the Sultan, and that therefore it was'not reasonable to refuse to render up to the Turkish Government Turkish subjects who were accused of having committed grave political crimes against their country. Lord Cromer swept all such pedantries aside, and declared that he would not yield up, probably to torture and death, men whose only fault was that they desired to free their country from despotism. It was Lord Cromer's action in this respect that has made it impossible for the pseudo-patriots of the Egyptian Nations] movement to poison the minds of the Young Turks against British rule in Egypt. When they talk about despotism and Britain and Egypt groaning under an intolerable tyranny, the Young Turks know what their talk is worth.