23 JANUARY 1926, Page 1


SIR WALTER SCOTT said that necessity was the best of peace-makers as well as the surest prompter of invention. We accept the omen of his words, for our neces- sity is indeed great, and we want both peace and invention. We are approaching what, from every point of view, must be regarded as a crisis in our industrial history—the time when it will be proved whether we have or have not the wit to overhaill our organization and make it sufficient for modern needs. We believe that we shall succeed. And we could not believe this, knowing what we do of the character of our countrymen, if we did not also believe that the vast difficulties are recognized in advance. Our recovery from the long industrial depression depends upon a happyisettltment of the coaklispute and upon the isolution of that other. immediate problem which is inex pricably, linked with Coa.17-.-the efficient and: economical clariblition of pow- ei by-Means of electricity. We haVe . . united: . writtetii elsewhere upon these separate yet subjects, Mere we will content oniSelves -with- a brief summary of the main facts which are due to be recorded in our chronicle Of the week.