23 JANUARY 1926, Page 1

The main object of the Consumers' Council would be to

prevent the exploitation of the public. Wages and prices would be determined by consumers and producers at joint meetings of the Coal and Power Production Council and the Consumers'---,Council. Compulsory arbitration was not proposed; aiska special court would ire invoked to help in settling disputes. The finance of khe scheme was not given in detail. The collieries, however, would be bought out by the issue of Government Stock to be met from a Sinking Fund charged on the proceeds of the industry. Capital for development would be raised by a national coal development loan with a Government guarantee. Displaced coal distributors and exporters would be compensated, but no recommendation was Made on the compensatiOn of royalty owners. On this last point the miners (Who- were opposed to congiensitios) • and the Labour Party had _disagreed.. _ . _