23 JANUARY 1926, Page 18

THE BIRMINGHAM STIRS [To -the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR, — The

attitude of Gallio towards religious controversy has a natural attraction far educated people ; and politicians are unwilling to burn their fingeri by intervening in Ecclesiastieal disputes. But there are two points which persons so minded

will do well to remember : (1) The root and branch transforma- tion of the Church of England which will he brought about by the Revision of the Prayer-Book in a sense satisfactory to Auglo-Catholies ; and (2) the avowed intolerance of the Anglo-Catholic theofy of religion :—

" It is sheer nonsense to pretend that the two parties can be reconciled. Let us be realists. When the Catholic influence prevails in the Church, there will be no toleration for Modernists, and the extreme Evangelical will be far happier with his Free Church brethren."—Church Times, July 11th, 1924.

Whether these results are desirable or the reverse is matter of opinion. That they are part and parcel of the Anglo-Catholic programme is matter of fact.—I am, Sir, &c., - The Vicarage, Ashby St. Ledgers, Rugby.