23 JANUARY 1926, Page 2

Another point to the good is that M. Briand has

great; personal prestige, and he may be able to command a' majority in the Chamber by some special effort of oratory and persuasion. Meanwhile the people of France are everywhere becoming sick to death of their " professional! politicians." Not often in France have so many spon- taneous meetings of protest been held. At all of them:', the complaints are of the same sort—" Here is Prance! going headlong down a steep place. Trade is not bad, and there is no reason whatever why France should not restore her credit and look the rest of the world in the face. I! Yet the politicians seem to be utterly incapable of agreeing! upon, any policy." If this kind of talk goei on long; enough something unusual will happen. We do not yet' know what it will be, but similar manifestations in France' have generally produced some startling result. It is likely to be so again if "the politiciUns " Cannot quickly. mend their ways.

* * * *