23 JANUARY 1926, Page 20

Anything that Professor J. Arthur Thomson writes is sure of

a good public, and in The Gospel of Evolution (Newnei. 2s.) he sets out to prove the always interesting theory that " our affiliation with the beasts helps to bring us on 'to the side of the angels." The story of organic evolution; Soya Professor Thomson, brings good tidings to-Man. For millions of years there has been an advancement of life, a grdwing emancipation of the psyche. Why should- this stop '1 The momentum of organic evolution is with and in Man at his best. So few scientists are also able writers that we welcome works like this, wherein the mysteries, of life and nature are stated in phrases which can be digested by the average reader: For human nature being as it is, we cannot all be ekpected to drink of evolution at its fountain head. Professor Thomson'S rippling phrases will appeal to every taste, and (disseminate much real knowledge.