23 JANUARY 1926, Page 24


(Cassell. 6s.) This is a sensible little book, giving plain advice to middle-

aged men and women, especially men who feel that they are losing their vigour while still they are not old. Dr. Leopard Williams, who writes a short preface, declares his complete belief in the main theory of the book, which is that " man's erect posture has invested the muscles of his abdominal wall with an importance which it would be impossible to exaggerate." On the state of these muscles depends in great measure the health of the middle aged. Much may be accom- plished apparently by very simple exercises, both muscular and respiratory. By these, and some simple rules of diet, the most important of which would seem to be " eat less," the ten-

dency to constipation, to obesity and to drowsiness can be overcome, sleep will once more be refreshing, and the man, we need no longer say the patient, will feel well. All attempts to cure " Anno Domini " are in some sense hopeless, but though

age is a' disease which cannot be cured, right living can no doubt rob it of its discomforts.